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French Revolution Begins

No description

Brandon Maze

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of French Revolution Begins

The French Revolution Social Injustice New Ideas Highly influenced by the Enlightenment Weak/Poor Leaders a well intentioned but weak King Estates General and National Assembly Each of the 3 Estates had 1 vote Essential Focus Question 2: Explain the 4 causes of Revolution, and apply the to a specific revolution. Common people began to demand equality, liberty and democracy Inspired by
American Revolution Louis XVI lacked the ability to make decisions Economic Crisis Marie Antoinette "Madame Deficit" Tried to impose tax on the Nobles, but they forced him to call the Estates General the 2 Privileged Estates could outvote the 3rd every time Tennis Court Oath 3 Estates Common people starving while Nobles are throwing parties French and Indian War/Seven Years War Grain shortage =
Price of Bread Doubles Only the 3rd Estate paid taxes American Revolution commoners starve HEAVY TAXES 1st time that the people of France stood up against the King 1st Estate: Roman Catholic Clergy
less than 1% Pop.
No Taxes Required 2nd Estate: Rich Nobles 2% Pop.
No Taxes Required 3rd Estate: Bourgeoisie, Lower Class and Peasant Farmers 97% Pop. Paid Taxes on almost EVERYTHING After being locked out, the National Assembly broke into an indoor tennis court in Versailles and pledged that they would not leave until a new constitution was written. 3rd Estate demanded that each delegate get a vote instead of one per Estate After being denied, they walked out and formed the National Assembly Next Class.....
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