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The Cell Quest

No description

joseph gurrero

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of The Cell Quest

The Nucleolus is what macks
the new cell
The Cell Factory
The Nucleus
The Nucleus is like a small factory in a cell that macks more cells.
The Nucleolus is inside the Nucleus
The Mitochondria is what macks energy for the cell to move and operate
The Vacuole is what tacks all the wast from the cell and removes it or tack it away
The Nucleus is like your brain
The Nucleolus is like a factory
that macks cell's in a way
Cell Membrane
The Cell Membrane is what helps protects the cell from getting sick
prevents things from getting in
The cell Membrane is like a wall that
The Cytoplasm is a collective term for the cytosol
The Organelles is suspended within
the cytosol
The Ribosome is what transformes into
Rna and adds individual amino beside
the Rna
Riblosome is a factory when it adds something to its produk
The Mitochondria is like a very small power plant that macks energy
The Vacuole is like garbage truck that tack all of you wast from your home
The Golgi Body
The Golgi Body is what guides macromolecules the other parts of the cell
The Golgi Body is like a conveyor belt or a car or bus
Rough ER
The Rough ER is what collects all the protein for the cell the to work and function properly
The Rough ER is like a bee in way but bees collect pollen and the Rough ER collects protein
Smooth ER
Controls is what controls how much calcium go's in the muscles of the cell
The Smooth ER is like a mom
when she tell you not to eta to much of something
The Lysosome kills all of the bacteria and germs that wont to kill the cell
The Lysosme is like medicine that your mom would give you when you are sick

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