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Pollution in Ahvaz, Iran

project for ms. kinnards science class

Cat Ridge

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Pollution in Ahvaz, Iran

Pollution in Ahvaz, Iran
In Ahvaz, Iran
Ahvaz, Iran is one of the most polluted places on Planet Earth. Not only does it impact the environment; but also the people who inhabit it.
How can the people of Ahvaz, Iran reduce pollution?
Thank you for watching!!
By:Arden.W, Arden.O, Cat.R, and Reilly.H
Causes of pollution in Ahvaz
According to http://www.ahwaziarabs.info/2013/03/ahwaz-confirmed-most-polluted-city-on.html -"The Iranian government has sought to blame its arch-enemy the United States for the pollution, claiming that the toxic dust is the result of the use of depleted uranium bombs that were dropped during the Iraq War".
The effect of pollution in Ahvaz
The effect of pollution on the population is perhaps the most devastating effect that pollution has caused in Ahvaz. 3.2 million people prematurely die a year world wide because of pollution, and 80,000 of those people are from Ahvaz. Respiratory illnesses, asthma, cancer, and heart related sicknesses, all caused by air pollution, are common in Ahvaz. However, air pollution is not the only environmental threat in Ahvaz facing humans. In 2013 acid rain caused over 20,000 to become ill. Sadly, the list does not end there for harmful types of pollution to humans. Water pollution is a huge problem in Ahvaz, because of toxic sewage that is being dumped into the water resources so that there is hardly any clean water left, not to mention all of the illegal deep wells operated in Ahvaz as a result of the polluted water. In fact there is estimated to be over 110,000 of them.
How does pollution effect the economy?
* They can help stop the pollution caused by gasoline industries, and gas from a car by:
~ Using city transportation-"Increased use of public transportation in these areas eases congestion; as a result, automobiles traveling in these same corridors achieve greater fuel efficiency." - :http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/Benefits_of_Public_Transportation.php#sthash.tPgYcMkF.dpuf - http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/ If you choose to use public transportation like city buses, subways, or trains you will reduce your carbon footprint, reduce emissions, and conserve energy
~ Ride a bike or walk- Many cities offer bikes that you can ride. Take advantage of that opportunity. You can always walk. You do not have to be clogged up in a car.
You may be thinking that if pollution is so bad for the environment then way does Ahvaz still let it go on? Well for just one example Iran, as a whole, made 4.2 billion dollars off of the oil industry just recently. Iran also saves a bunch of money off of using low quality gas in all of their cars, which is a major contributor to most of the pollution in Iran. Iran doesn't always make money off of pollution though, Iran spends billions of dollars yearly on pollution control. However I do not have an exact amount, most likely because the government of Ahvaz does not release that much information to the public.
Traffic, sandstorms, steel, iron, and gasoline industries are just a few of the causes of pollution in Ahvaz. Of course, one of the main causes of pollution is factories emitting toxic gas. Contributing factors include desertification caused by river diversion and the draining of the marshes and the oil, petrochemical, metals, sugar, and paper processing plants in and around Ahvaz.

DO NOT litter. People tell other people this all the time, but most people don't listen,or think it is just one piece of trash on the ground; in reality one piece of trash can turn into a whole landfill of trash . But, really if you pick up two to three pieces a day it will make an environmental impact and eventually play a part in stopping pollution. Most people don't realize that littering plays a huge role in pollution when you drop that candy wrapper it could eventually go into the lake or rivers and be a part of water pollution.
REDUCE, REUSE,RECYCLE. It is fine to buy new things but you can find a way to reuse it instead of sending it to landfills. Do not throw away paper or cardboard because these items can be recycled and made into new things.
Ahvaz has many types of pollution and one of them is water pollution. Water pollution is a big deal in Ahvaz.
Water pollution not only hurts us; it hurts the environment and the things inside of it like the animals. If everyone does these simple things it will make a huge impact.
What they/we could do to prevent water pollution:
Water Pollution:
Pollution = Problems
Other information sources:
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