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One School's Journey Since the Storm

Hurricane Katrina and the state takeover of failing schools kicked off a dizzying merry-go-round of changes to many of New Orleans’ storied schools.

Education Week

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of One School's Journey Since the Storm

Hurricane Katrina and the state takeover of failing schools kicked off a dizzying merry-go-round of changes to many of New Orleans’ storied schools: Conversions to charters. Transfers to new operators. And multiple relocations. Among them was George Washington Carver High.
George Washington Carver High School
Carver High School opened in 1958 in the Desire area of the 9th Ward as an all-black school. The school was known throughout the city for its football team and marching band.
A Building in Ruins
After Katrina destroyed the original Carver building, the state-run Recovery School District reopened the high school in 2007 in trailers on the Holy Cross grounds, a Catholic school in the Lower 9th Ward.
Becoming a Charter
In 2012, Carver starts its slow transition to becoming a charter school after the state gives the school to a charter management group, Collegiate Academies, which took over the incoming 9th grade class.

The original Carver, still run by the state in trailers in the 9th Ward, is phased out one grade at a time with its last class graduating in 2014.

Desire Neighborhood, 9th Ward
Holy Cross Campus, Lower 9th Ward
Desire Neighborhood
New Construction
Back to Desire
Shortly afterwards, Carver moved into modulars back in the Desire area of the 9th Ward.

Some of the housing in the area remains untouched since the storm.
Move to New Orleans East
That same year, the new Carver run by Collegiate Academies is split into two charters:
Carver Prep
Carver Collegiate

Both schools move into modulars in the New Orleans East neighborhood next to Collegiate Academies’ other school:
Sci Academy

Another Temporary Home
At the end of 2014-15, a nearby charter school slated to move into
a new building shuts down.

Collegiate Academies wins a bid to open its fourth school in that new space.

Carver Prep will occupy the new building for the 2015-16 school year.
But the move is only temporary.

Staying Put
Carver Collegiate remains in its trailers next to Sci Academy.
Full Circle
For the 2016-17 school year, both Carver Prep and Carver Collegiate will move back to the 9th Ward into a new building on the original George Washington Carver High School grounds.

Although the new Carvers will share a building, they will remain separate charters.

To read full coverage on The Re-Education of New Orleans, visit:

Reported by:
Arianna Prothero
Photos by:
Swikar Patel, Ed Week File
and the Recovery School District
Creative Direction:
Vanessa Solis

Artist’s Rendering of New Carver Building
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