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No description

Jean Kimber

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Chantel

Are we by nature good or evil? In Miranda Lambert's song "Kerosene," people are
by nature displayed as evil. This catchy song,
depicted how a girl is burning all her worries up in
kerosene. Her hateful perspective is "Now I don’t hate the one who left You cant hate someone whos dead," and ,"Light ‘em up and watch them burn, teach them what they need to learn HA!" She describes a situation that some other people can relate to "I’m giving up on love cause love’s given up on me", this is what turns her on the bad side. People are sometimes drove to evil revenge, by tragic situtaions in he or she's life.
I disagree with this song, I believe people
are by nature good. People usually contemplate alot of bad
decicions but end up picking the better one over the
the more evil perception. If its either the conscience in our heads,our own morals,or just past mistakes, these all try to point us towards the right decisions. Although we like to think our selves as being able to be evil (maybe towards a bad break-up), we most often end up not following through with our plans in the end. Being good and friendly to other people comes more naturally, then does evil thoughts.
Metaphysics Can People Change? In Tim Burton's Big Fish motion picture, Will Bloom ends
up changing and seeing his father in a new light. In a majority of the movie, Will Bloom just could not understand why his father always told his life like a"Big Fish" story, even since he was alittle kid. He compares his father to a "iceberg", and believes he doesn't know barely anything about his dad, "You were like Santa Claus
and the Easter Bunny combined.Just as charming and just as fake." However, Will eventually can distinguish how his Father's tales were not all a lie, just modified interpretaions of the truth. He then ends up telling stories just like his father, passing it on to his children. Burton proves that individuals can transform how he/she thinks, if they really want to. I agree with Tim Burton's intertreptration of how people can change. I believe each person is in control of their personal choices and can change the path he/she are going to take.Although not always a positive change, people can decide how he/she wants to live their lives. Through mistakes and personal experiences, this is when people adapt how he/she thinks or acts. Whether it be a physical or a physiological one, change is very possible in a person's life. Are we by nature intelligent or dumb? In D.H.Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner," people
by nature are displayed as dumb. Through the actions of
Hester(the mother), this is mainly demonstrated. She was
greedy with the gift she recieved from her son, "Paul's
mother had had a long interview with the lawyer, asking
if the whole five thousand could not be advanced at
once..." Her actions were unintelligent for she was not
wise with money and also lacked love towards her small
boy. Paul's achievemnets and attempts were over looked
and didn't gain anymore attention from his mother. Hester
ends up having to watch her child dye before her eyes, "My God,
Hester, you're eighty-odd thousand to the good, and a poor devil
of a son to the bad." However this could have been avoided,
if only Hester could have been more loveing. Paul's mother is dumb
because she could not see what was happening or help her son.
I disagree with the view of D.H.Lawrence, I
think people are by nature intelligent. People have advanced technology over the past few years drastically. From Blue tooth to electical vehicles, our world is filled with new and amazing ideas. People are very smart compared with the other mammals of our Earth. Some people are long past subsisent living and now have lives filled with comforts. This could not have been possible without human's great intelligence. Are we by nature noble, beautiful, brave? A captivating film brought to you
by Andrew Davis,The Guardian showed how people are by nature noble, beautiful, and brave. The action packed story about U.S Coast Guards, easily depicted how these amazing people are very brave diving in stormy waters to save people's live. These men are beautiful in how they approach their tasks and also very noble,
because they aren't recognized enough for their dangerous efforts. Ben Randall and Jake Fisher are the two main characters that show you these
three extordinary traits within the movie, "I swim as fast and as hard as I can..." I strongly agree with this film that
people are by nature noble, beautiful, and brave. People like to strive to do
there best in alot of situations, so this is when he/she's true beauty shines. Real heroes are very brave, but also noble too.All individuals have a hero in he/she's eyes and they usually want to be just like him or her. This inspires people to be the best they can be, no matter if their hero is superman or their own dad!
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