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TLCI 805_Chapter 10 Presentation_DForest

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Danielle Hartsfield

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of TLCI 805_Chapter 10 Presentation_DForest

Peer Selection
Administrative Selection

(See chart on p. 310.) Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Superintendent approval + school board approval = process for curriculum development Draft of program philosophy prepared by the committee is given to program faculty for feedback
Committee uses feedback to revise draft of program philosophy
Revised program philosophy given to superintendent and school board for approval
Writing Committee The program's curriculum is developed and implemented! Curriculum Development
and Implementation by Danielle Forest
TLCI 805 A committee is selected by the district's curriculum council for the purpose of developing a program's curriculum. Committee Selection Methods Program Philosophy Selected by committee that prepared philosophy statement and rationale
Responsible for developing drafts of: scope and sequence, program goals, objectives, learning outcomes, authentic tasks

Committee writes program philosophy and then the program rationale. Scope and sequence, program goals, objectives, learning outcomes, authentic tasks Program Rationale Process used for program philosophy is repeated to develop program rationale

Faculty members review the drafts and give input (4-6 week period)
Writing committee updates the drafts with faculty input
Writing committee submits updated documents to superintendent and school board for approval
Once the writing committee finishes its drafts . . . Obstacle 4 Textbook Review Committee Textbook Review Committee Chosen by members of the writing committee
Evaluate textbook series available
Invite publishers to make presentations
Faculty members vote on textbook series of choice
Professional development is planned to prepare staff for new program and textbook series. But the work isn't over for the curriculum director - he or she must continually evaluate the program. Reference Glatthorn, A.A., Boschee, F., Whitehead, B.M., & Boschee, B.F. (2012). Curriculum leadership: Strategies for development and implementation. (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.
Techniques for writing philosophy: Dialogue Technique
Delphi Technique
Fishbowl Technique
Telstar Technique
Nominal Group Technique (See pp. 309-311 for techniques.)
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