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briana russo

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf

The descriptive language in Beuwolf helps the events and characters in the book to come alive. Seamus Heaney is know for useing two literary devices in Beowulf the most; alliteration and keening. kenning is a two-word metaphorical name for something. Heorot
Hrothgar decided to construct this momument to his success. It was where the men gathered with their lord to drink and listen to the songs of the bards. Grendel
A demon desended from Cain went to the Heorot and heard the Bard's songs about God's creation of the earth and was angered by this. He planned to attack and kill the men he found. Part 1 Shield Sheafson
King of Ancient Danes, founded the royal line.
Inherited the kingdon after his fathers death. Halfdane
Beow's son. After Beow died he took over the Kingdom

Took over Danes after Halfdane. Part 2 When Beowulf heard of grendel he
traveled to Danes in search of the monster. Beowulf attacked Grendel and the monster would soon die from his injuries. Beowulf was declared the winner of the battle. Part 3
The Heorot Hall is so badly damaged from the fight between Grendal and Beowulf, that it has to be rebuilt. Grendals mother goes to retrive
her sons arm back from the warriors and
Beowulf Part 4 Beowulf dies from wounds from a fight with dragon. A pyre is built high and is decked with armor, according to Beowulfs wishes. Beowulfs body is laid in a lit fire
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