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Making Inferences

No description

Brittany Chancey

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Making Inferences

How do I make an inference?
Let's make some inferences as we watch these wonderful Pixar videos :)
Let's Practice!
What is an inference?
is a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.
The Inference Song
Making Inferences
Cornell Notes

Topic: Making Inferences

EQ: Why is it necessary for the reader to think beyond what the text says?

Objective: make inferences to determine the message of a text and site details to support my answer
Jim stomped through the front door after school and tossed his book bag on the floor.
He ran up the stairs to his bedroom and slammed his bedroom door. Jim flung himself on the bed and put his pillow over his head. He was never going to talk to Pete again!

1. What do you know?

2. What clues do you have?

3. What can you infer about Jim?

Practice 1
Mary and Beth were excited about Saturday. They had planned a picnic in the park.
They would ride their bicycles to the park, play for a while, go fishing, and eat the sack lunches they brought. They were also looking forward to walking around the lake and feeding the ducks at the park. On Saturday morning, Mary hopped out of bed and looked out her window. Her shoulders slumped and she frowned.

1. What do you know?

2. What clues do you have?

3. What can you infer?

Practice 2
Practice 3
Kate had recently opened her own restaurant. Her restaurant served various types of pasta. Her specialties were lasagna and cannelloni. At first business was very slow at Kate’s restaurant despite her advertising efforts. Kate decided to use a customer satisfaction survey. After several weeks, Kate looked at the surveys. Customers seemed very satisfied with the quality of the food, but a number of people commented that the prices were steep for the size of the food servings. After reading the surveys Kate decided to create some new advertisements for the radio and the newspaper.

1. What can you infer about the new advertisements and the changes Kate will make in her restaurant?

2. What were the clues in the text?

Make an inference: Why does the snowman want to leave?
What reaction from the video makes you think this?
Make an inference: Why can't the snowman leave?
Where does he live?
Why can't he get out?
How do you know?
Make an inference: How does the cloud feel when his stork leaves?
Use details from the clip!
Make an inference: What are some character traits of the stork?
Use details from the clip!
You make inferences everyday. Most of the time you do so without thinking about it.

Suppose you are sitting in your car stopped at a red signal light. You hear screeching tires, then a loud crash and breaking glass. You see nothing, but you infer that there has been a car accident. We all know the sounds of screeching tires and a crash. We know that these sounds almost always mean a car accident. But there could be some other reason, and therefore another explanation, for the sounds. Perhaps it was not an accident involving two moving vehicles. Maybe an angry driver rammed a parked car. Or maybe someone played the sound of a car crash from a recording. Making inferences means choosing the most likely explanation from the facts at hand.
When you make an inference you need two things:
What you know (background knowledge)
What you read in the text (clues)
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