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Lindsay Sooner in Saudi Arabia

No description

Irene Xu

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Lindsay Sooner in Saudi Arabia

Lindsay Sooner in
Saudi Arabia The original contract with the local supplier has come to an end, Lindsay must negotiating a new contract with the supplier. Due to her outstanding performance she has been given charge of a cross cultural team Constructive Criticism One of the subordinates in Lindsay's team has not fulfilled his obligations for the project

Lindsay needs to have a discussion and give him constructive criticism. Negotiating Building personal relation with the supplier
Schedule meetings
Make appointment month in advance
Always double check the appointment
Be aware of the working times in Saudi Arabia
Be confident and avoid uncertainty
Haggle for the price
BE PAYTIENT!!! Lindsay needed to build relationship with people inside the organization, but face difficulty Lindsay Sooner IB major Student recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma
Internship abroad in France
Just transferred to Saudi Arabia as the new young manager on the executive broad Saudi Arabia Working in Saudi Arabia Negotiating Networking Solutions Respect hierarchy
Extremely high power distance
Go first to her direct supervisor
Show him respect and ask for help
Never make them feel insulted
Show interest in personal life
Willingly answer to private questions
Ask them about their personal life - Never face them on 1:1 basis ‘Wasta’ : Guanxi in Saudi Arabia
More open to private life More tips When Invited to a family meal
Good sign: You are the one to be trusted
Take off your shoes
Greet elders first
Accept Arabian coffee
Use only right hand
Lots of socialization before the meal, little talk during the meal Giving constructive criticism Male dominated society vs. high on power distance
Collectivistic society-should the group be responsible for the project, rather than evaluating people on an individual level?
Competitive society
Don't lose face Working as a part of a cross cultural team Male workers were hesitant to talk to her
People hardly listen to her during the exective meeting Idea # 1
How is she:

Going to create the right working atmosphere?
Make them understand what she wants?
What if they don't want to cooperate? Report back to her boss at the parent company All team member are women
Older than her
From Saudi Arabia, China and Spain Saudis are not sending the advance reports
Chinese engineer lacks assertiveness
Spanish girl is too clingy In a hierarchical based company, 'stepping over' managerial level will lead to mistrust and much more negative consequences Idea # 2 Deal with it! Cross Cultural course
A good professional is Idea # 3 Build strong network within the company
Patiently prove to her co-workers her ability Hofstede's Dimensions
Some social research always a student UAI index is high
Age gap
Women situation Within the first two weeks at the branch company, Lindsay quickly notices the strange treatment she gets in her working environment. http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/saudi-arabia-country-profile.html
http://www.arabamericangiving.org/the-importance-of-saudi-arabia-to-the-us-economy.php Reference
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