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Stand by Me: Middle Childhood

No description

eryn velez

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Stand by Me: Middle Childhood

Stand by Me: Middle Childhood
By: Janitsa Rocamonde, Eryn Velez, Cintia Carvalho, Mabel Anton

Psychological Theories
Lawrence Kohlberg:
- Theory of Moral Development

James Fowler:
- Stages of Faith

Critical Thinking
Gordie's Resolutions
- Friendship

- To leave town after high school

- To stand for himself and his friends

- To continue to write and create stories

- His brother died but he still alive and will live

- Understanding his intellectual potential

Macro System
- The Town

Psychological Theories
Gordie Lachance’s behavior can be analyzed using a variety of psychological development theories. In some aspects, his behavior is typical of a 12 year old boy. In other aspects, his behavior seems to deviate from what is expected at his age.

Sigmund Freud:
- Unconscious, Preconscious, Conscious
- Id, Ego, Superego
- Defense Mechanisms

Micro & Mezzo System
- Gordie’s Father

- Gordie's Mother

- Gordie's Brother

- Gordie’s friends (Chris, Teddy, Vern)

- Gordie's School

Psychological Theories
Erik Erikson:
- Psychosocial Theory

Charles Cooley:
- Looking-Glass Self

Carl Rogers:
- Self-Actualization Theory

Jean Piaget:
- Theory of Cognitive Development
- Emotional abuse from father
- Apathy from depressed mother
- Sadness for the loss of his big brother
- School change = middle school to high school
- Bullying from older kids in town
- The end of childhood

Chris vs. Gordie
Advanced Development
Guns and Cigarettes
Wise Beyond his Years

Town Influences
Milk Money
Negative Stigma
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