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war of the wall

No description

raleigh kuabacak

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of war of the wall

The War of the Wall Setting characterization Plot Diagram vocabulary words Main Idea summary Ranking major:narrater
major:painter lady The wall. climax minor:mama
minor:morris twins
minor:The grandmama The resturaunt.
The story takes place during the vietnam war. The painter lady started to paint on there wall. They try to find a way to get her to stop.Then they go to school. When the boys came home from school they found the painter lady still painting on their wall 1.Vietnam conflict-a war in which many people died and was faught in between 1965-1973.
2.Casualty-a death, injury, or sickness
3.Inscription-something carved into a wall
4.Courtesies-being polite or having good manners.
5.Integration-behavior as an individual.
6.Easel- a stand that displays art
7.Beckoned- hand signals
8.Liberation-to be equal The painter lady is rude to the mom. 7 why? lou and Me try to figure out way to recapture there wall. In the South It taught a It was a seven becuase, we didnt get it at the beginning of the story. but towards the end we started to pick it up. They are at the party and the painter lady has finished the painting and left. Lou and me find out that what the painter lady was painting actually meant something. They finnaly understand what the painter lady was trying to do. They all go back to normal and they also love the painting. beginning:1.The painter lady starts to paint on the wall.
A)lou and me hate it.
B)not the painter lady's wall.
C)painter lady does not belong.
2.does not live on Talaiferro.

middle:1.Rest of neighbors meet painter lady.
a)they dont like her.
2.offer hospitality.

End:1.the painter lady finishes painting the wall.
A)they like the wall.
B)they understand the painting.
2.after everything she has done for them they actually like her.
The main idea of this story is about a couple of kids not liking a new lady for painting on their wall, But then after she gets done they understand why she was doing it. The athor is trying to tell us not to judge a book by its cover.
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