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Segment: Ancient Cultures

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Milan Mrdjenovic

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Segment: Ancient Cultures

Segment: Ancient Cultures
Inca , Aztec , Mayan , Sumerian , Egyptian , Greek , Slavic , Celtic , Norse , Hindu , Chinese , Japanese

By Sillieh.. Bla..Bla
The Inca Empire
The Inca belief system was based on a large number of over time assimilated deities. Between the 13th century and the 16th century they expanded into Ecuador , Chile , Bolivia and parts of Argentina. The Creator God Viracocha

created man from stone , but the Inca revered Intithe sun god far more. In his temples he was depicted with beautiful golden faces.


the last inca ruler believed that Francisco Pizzaro was the God Viracocha who returned from the other side of the sea where he went after creating the world. Sadly due to this belief the Inca Empire lost most of its riches.

Some of the other more important Inca deities include: >Mama Qucha (Goddess of the sea)
>Mama Pacha (Goddess of fertility and harvest)
>Mama Killa (Moon Goddess)
>Supay (God of Death)
>Kon (God of Rain)
>Catequil (God of Thunder)
>Ekkeko (God of Wealth and Home)

The Inca had Three worlds:
>Uku Pacha (Underworld)
>Kay Pacha (Our world)
>Hanan Pacha (World Above)
The Aztecs
The Maya
Human sacrifices , cults of Tezcatlipoca gave the spanish conquistadors a good excuse for the extermination of the aztecs in the name of their God.But that is not the only thing the aztecs were about , they did such rituals to preserve life.
Quetzalcoatl , the Feathered Serpent the chief deity of the aztecs for many an age was the one who created this world and humanity from the bones of the gods of old , which he stole from the underworld and in his escape he fell and broke them (The reason why humans come in all shapes and sizes). He battled his brother Tezcatlipoca in the battle of the tree suns , where he bit his brother's foot off and his brother fell unto the earth and ran away in cowardice , later replacing his lost foot with a mystical obsidian mirror. Quetzalcoatl was revered in both the culture of the Aztecs and the Maya which is quite a feat for a single deity.
As time passed the Aztecs replaced him with his fallen brother Tezcatlipoca , the god of magick , deciet , darkness and sickness.
They sacrificed a single person once a year during the Toxcatl celebration , where a single young , handsome and strong man was chosen to impersonate the god for an entire year (if willingly chosen , but if not they would pick someone on the day aswell if no candidate was found prior) he was treated as a god , given riches , food , women and everything he desired , but in the end he would have his heart ripped out in honor of Tezcatlipoca. This insured the god would be happy and keep pestilence and other catastrophes away from them. Another important deity they often appeased with sacrifice was Tlaloc the god of rain and storms. They would sacrifice small children by drownin in his name so that he may keep storms away and bring bountiful harvests.

Unlike most cultures the Aztecs had many "underworlds" some of which are:
>Mictlan (main underworld) domain of the king of the underworld MIctlantechutli
>Tlalocan (land of tlaloc) a paradise where the souls of the drowned or in some way killed by Tlalocs sphere of influence would go.
Ah the Yucatan peninsula , such a wonderful place dont you think? Wonderful place and a wonderful culture , its time to talk a bit about the people we all heard of , The Maya! Kukulkan

the feathered serpent (Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs) and his companion Hurakan (The Heart of the Sky) created humans , of whom non could speak they only growled , shrieked and squealed. So they tried again , adding plants and other ingredients they managed to make the first four real humans. But Hurakan was worried that they were too clever and that they would not revere the gods , so he dampened their memory and intelligence and put them to sleep. When they awoke they found four women around themselves who became their wives. They created many children and took care of them , once their job was done they climbed upon the peak of the tallest mountain and watched the sun rise , which turned all the horrors and monsters into stone.
Important Deities: >Itzimna (God of Fertility)
>Ixchel (Goddess of Medicine)
>Ixtab (Goddess of Suicide)
>Kukulkan (Feathered Serpent creator God)
>Ah Chuy Kak (God of War)
>Ah Tabai (God of the Hunt)

The Maya underworld was called Xibalba (Literally meaning a "Place of Fear") was ruled by Hunhau and Uacmitun Ahau a terrible place where monsters roam , dangerous cliffs and falls and mud pits await all who enter.

Southern Slavs


India (Hindu)


Ah Egypt , the land of sand and seas , been there once it was beautiful. But this isnt about my vacations , but about ancient cultures. Egypt is well known for its monuments and feats of architecture , its grandiose , perplexed and perfect.Most notably known for the Pyramids , the Valley of the kings and their Mummification processes. The Egyptians were quite varied in their beliefs , mainly because of the regional deities some areas possessed and worshipped. Their Books of the Dead containing spells ,blessings and information a soul would need to properly pass through the underworld are well known.
The main Deities are:
>Atum-Ra (Atum-Ra a god with two aspects , Ra and Atum , as a whole he was the god of the Sun)


Sumeria (Mesopotamia) is often called the cradle of Civilization , due to it being the first documented civilization on earth. Just like any Culture it has incredibly powerful gods , huge monsters and many heroes. The one best known of all Sumerian heroes is Gilgamesh a demigod king. He who refused to be the husband of the goddess Ishtar who in turn cursed him and sent the heavenly bull to battle with him , which Gilgamesh defeated. But years later he would be afraid of his own life ending and embark on a journey to find the Plant of Life in the underworld , only to lose it just within his grip. Another great story of Sumerian legend is the creation myth of Tiamat and Marduk. Tiamat a huge monster , the primordial goddess of the sea mated with the god Abzu (Freash water) to create the young Gods. Enki challenged Abzu to a battle and killed him , in rage Tiamat turned into a giant monster and led an army of beasts into battle against Enki and his son Marduk. Unsuccessful in getting her revenge Tiamat went into a slumber , during her slumber Marduk killed her , ripping her body into two creating the sky and the earth (both deities aswell).

Some of the other well known Sumerian entities are Lilith (Her true origin is Sumeria , not the judeo-christian based religions) , Ahura Mazda and Ariman (The two dualities Good and Evil) and Enki (whom mistakenly some people associate with Spiritual Satanism).
Interesting Quote:
"I will raise the dead and they will eat the living"
-Ishtar , in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Greece has the mythology that almost every kid that went to school knows , great heroes , terrifying monsters and wierdly sex crazed gods. So There's very little i can state here that 99.9999% of people dont already know , so instead of stating much in words , ill just let someone talk alot in a documentary.
...for Pirate

The Southern Slavs are a group of many countries , with many language variants and many deities and myths. Creatures like the Rusalka (Flesh eating water nymphs) , Div (Giants) , Zmaj (Dragon) , Patuljak (Gnome) , Drekavac (screamer) , Navi (Spirits of children who died at birth) , Vampir (The beings from which todays Vampire craze in media and entertainment started from) , Vila (Spirits of forests , mountains , springs , trees , alike to many nymph like creatures , often compared to the Celtic Fae) were terribly feared and highly respected. While Gods such as Perun (God of thunder) , Crnobog (aka Chernobog , God of Death and Darkness) were highly revered , with many rites and rituals.
Some of the other Slavic gods are:
>Veles (God of the Forest)
>Vesna (Goddess of Summer)
>Morana (Goddess of Winter)
>Mokosha (Goddess of homes
>Triglav (Three headed personification of War)
>Jarovid (God of Fire and Fury)
>Dzabog (Sun God)
>Svetovid (God of Sight and Foresight)
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