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Truck Security

Kiran Caudrey

on 20 October 2010

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Transcript of Securi-Truck

Connects via mobile internet(3g/+) Connectivity Securi-Truck Features Purposes Design Specs Box connects to USB 3.0/ESATA Connects via GPS to control centre Looks GPS functionality
GPS Tracker(hidden)
'Black Box' Technology
Nickel-Cadmium battery
Anti Tamper (sets off alarm
at control centre) Main Unit Steel Casing Front and rear camera Camera lens Camera Socket Video Front Back The side cameras will be mounted onto the lorry's
sideskirt so the people viewing can see what's happening at the sides of the truck.

The FRONT and REAR cameras will be mounted on or under the bumper so that people watching the cameras can see what's going on in front of the lorry and behind.

All external devices are connected to the main unit. Then from there the main unit uploads it to the control centre for viewing. The case is durable so if the lorry crashes, while on the journey the box will not be destroyed.
The control centre can monitor oil temp/pressure,external temp.
It is meant to find out where the person is and to monitor the drivers to see if they're going to the right places.

The cameras ,that are mounted on to the lorry, are meant to aid the person viewing or tracking the lorry find exactly where the lorry is. The cameras can also be use to find out 'what happened' in the event of a crash. SECURI-TRUCK The Sensors Laser Laser Emitter Laser sensor Socket Oil sensor Ball inside tube to measure height of oil Tube Unique socket for the
4 cameras 2 sockets for the sensors Lockable door hiding the esata/usb ports.This door stops the device from being tampared with. If the lock is broken the admin will be alerted Side Cameras Camera Lens Why could this be useful? When a hazardous waste lorry crashes, all of the contents inside spill out on to the road and surrounding areas. Somebody then, needs to call the fire service to report the accident. From there the fire service needs to find out the registration number and call the company who used that lorry to transport the chemical. This process can take a very long time. With Securi-Truck this 'process' will take a matter of minutes. It will call the firefighters and notify them on what chemical is inside the lorry so all the dirty work is done.

Nowadays companys use lorrys to transport expensive things like computers and TVs. As there are more lorrys that transport these goods there are more people out to steal these items. A lorry driver is only allowed to drive for a certain amount of time so they need to take a break in a lay by or service station. This puts the products inside at risk because they are not being guarded so they can be stolen. With Securi-Truck you can eradicate these problems. Cameras are fitted inside the storage compartment and laser trip wires are fitted at the entrance to the compartment. If the wire is tripped then an alarm in the drivers cabin goes off. Solid State Drive (256 GB upwards:ALSO DURABLE)


SENSOR FOR TYRE WEAR: Mini laser to measure the depth of the
tred on tyre

SENSOR FOR OIL LEVEL: Tube inside oil tank with a ball inside the tube.As the tank fills up , the ball inside will rise.

MINI CAMERA (3mp front and rear) Initial Ideas At first Securi-Truck was going to be used in cars
to notify people when their petrol was low or the
MOT was due. We called it a Wireless Car Trasmitter We then thought that this name was too long
and boring so we renamed it Securi-Truck. securing your company's Future!
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