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first moon landing 1969

apallo 11.

justin brewer

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of first moon landing 1969

Double click anywhere & add an idea new discovery first moon landing fuels & miles astronauts Neil Armstrong was the comander, Micheal Collins, command module pilot, edwin a lunar pilot.
space shuttle
the first time ever we have went to the moon
the astronauts landed in a crator, for safety,,
found nothing but rocks and moon soil, and the gravity is very weak on the moon the shuttle was 363 ft tall, had a V rocked that shot out 7.5 million pounds of thrust. with in 12 minutes the shuttle was 120 miles out of the earths orbit, the shuttle was going 17,400 mph first pictures of the earth from the moon
the return to earth when they finally landed July 24, 1969. they went into the paciffic ocean.. astronauts fashion for them to be able to get out of the shuttle they had to wear thick and ugly suits. they had to have a life support system on the back for air and temp. thier faceglass is tinted so the sun doesnt fry thier eyes. mark of the usa we stuck our u.s flag into the moon to show that we were the first ones on the moon famouse the astronauts became the most famouse people for the decade.
on the moon there is no oxeygen,no water, no plants, no life form. no wheather nothing but wide open space from above and down to the battom photography
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