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Kelly Martin

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Tessellations

What is a tessellation?
Tessellations are pattern of shapes that fit perfectly together.
Here are a few examples.
MC Escher
MC Escher is very famous for his tessellations and other math based art. What is interesting about Escher is that he never had any math training. He figured out how to create tessellations by looking and practicing. He failed many times before making perfect tessellations, but like any successful person, he was not afraid to fail and continued to try until he did it!
How do you make a tessellation?
For this project, we will be following step-by-step procedures, all at the same time, and checking each other's work frequently to make sure we make a successful tessellation. First, we will make a stencil from a square piece of paper.
Next, we will trace out stencil over an entire sheet of paper.
What does my shape look like?
After we've traced out our stencils, we will as ourselves, "what does my shape look like?" Does it look like an elephant? A dog? A face? Once you figure it out, draw that image in each of your shapes.
Last, we color it in!
YouTube Tutorial
This video demonstrates how we will be making our tessellations. Watch and listen closely.
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