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Digital Marketing

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on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Digital Marketing

Welcome to a Digital World
From the Industrial revolution to a connected Economy

Changing Economies
Digital Marketing Workshops
Digital transformation
July 2014
Digital Marketing
Digital by Default
Examples of B2B Digital Marketing
Company Culture









Government – Gov.uk
– digital by default


B2B – Which one area is the single most exciting opportunity in 2014? (Adobe)

Agree or Disagree with the following statements?

Speed of a changing digital market

Disrupting traditional markets #1
– Book publishing

Disrupting traditional markets #2
– Record Industry

Disrupting traditional markets #3
– Fundraising

Fortune 500 company

Introduced Internal Global Marketing University – “Digital IQ”

Develop a team of digital evangelists to promote a digital first culture

Invested internally to create a culture of trying and creating things

Changed the culture – embraced failing, removing fear

Changing an Organisation

First began using social back in 2011 as an experiment to see whether its customers would interact with them in the same way as in B2C industries.

Objective: Gain insight into the market, increase employee satisfaction and get closer to its customers.

Focuses on stories that emerge from within the business, such as how it is helping fuel a boom in the sale of Kenyan avocados and where its staff come from.
Social Media – Maersk Group

Maersk managed to drum up 150 unique leads from a Facebook campaign it ran last year telling the story of how its shipping containers navigate the frozen Baltic Sea during winter.

Maersk now has more than 1.5m Facebook fans (of which around 15% are customers) and 12,000 Twitter followers, as well as active accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Its presence on each network is tailored to that platform, so for example on LinkedIn it promotes job vacancies and publishes articles about the work culture while on Instagram it encourages followers to post photos of its ships using the hashtag #Maersk.

Social Media - Couriers

Sage focused on the top 30 keywords in terms of volume and engagement using PPC data.

This involved categorising the SEO keywords using the PPC campaign structure to report on SEO CTR (using impression data from PPC). Sage ran a 12-week offsite campaign to ethically build links and social media ‘signals’ around the seven themes.

SEO – Sage Finance

The campaign achieved a reach of over 85% in the UK micro-business sector according to Google, generating 130m impressions.

On softer metrics, the campaign generated 578,600 ‘engagements’ (clicks, video views, shares, likes).
On harder metrics the campaign generated 13,000 PDF downloads and 600 leads (contact forms completed).

In PPC, CTRs were up to 33% on generic keywords due to the tightly themed nature of the campaign involving over 11,000 ad groups.

In SEO half of the target 30 keywords moved from outside the top 100 to first page on Google within three months.

Customer Engagement - Caterpillar

NHS – Digital First Strategy

Points of Differentiation
Content Marketing

Brands – Create Something
Unique and with Authority

Fortnightly workshops

Free to join/not join

Creating a digital marketing plan

Get involved in creating your own digital activities

External talks

In the digital age, market sectors can change rapidly and we need to the opportunity to be agile as well as listen to our audience
New strategies born through digital



Brands of tomorrow

- Collaboration
- Knowledge Centres
- Trust / Authority
- Empower customers and build a brand with them
- Be Agile
- Create connections

USP – Create a value beyond the product/service

New York Times – could do better
“Today, a pack of news startups are hoping to ‘disrupt’ our industry by attacking the strongest incumbent — the Times needs to take a page out of BuzzFeed’s book and work aggressively on audience development.

Leadership is taking some risks — but they’re not necessarily paying off.

Collect much better data on how readers engage with Times’ digital content.

Develop a long-term newsroom strategy to better understand changing technology and reader behavior.

Evolution of apps

Internet Unbundling...

First, multi-purpose web apps
and then, multi-purpose mobile apps
...now, single-purpose 'there's an app for that'
...now some apps are disappearing

= rise of invisible app

Now, we’re entering the age of apps as service layers. These are apps you have on your phone but only open when you know they explicitly have something to say to you.

They aren’t for ‘idle browsing’, they’re purpose built and informed by contextual signals like hardware sensors, location, history of use and predictive computation.
Photo sharing
1.8 billion + photos
uploaded and shared
per day
Huge increase in
Snapchat and WhatsApp
in 2014
5 pillars:

Mobile devices
Social media
Context Marketing
Product Market Fit
Finding your Growth Hack
Going Viral
Retention & Optimisation
Growth Hacker Marketing
PC industry

350m PCs sold in 2012
1.6bn units in use
Replaced every 4-5 years
Fundamental change in scale
Mobile industry

1.7bn phones sold in 2012
3.2bn mobile users
Replaced every 2 years
One per person
Value curve - Starbucks







Coffee Chain
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