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Word Game

Final Year Project Presentation

Ryan Goh

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Word Game

Final Year Project Word Game Final Year Project Word Game Programmers Character ( Male ) NPCS & BOSSES Project Information Game Mechanic ( Part 2 ) Vart the Village Elder ( NPC ) Game Name: Word Unity

Team Name: Epic Random

Selected Game Idea: Word Game

Target Audience : Primary School Students

Platform: PC

Game Art Style: 3D Medieval

Start Date: 1st October 2012
End Date: 22nd Febuary 2013
-+ Game Mechanic ( Part 1 ) Positions of NPCS & Monsters Game Idea Creating a RPG game that uses words in its interface, combat & objectives

Player uses a unique hack & slash combat by using words to cast spells

Player learns new spells by spelling words
Free Roam (RPG)
1) Player can walk around the world freely and explore the map.

Real Time Combat (Hack & Slash)
1) Player cannot repeatedly spam spells as there is a cooldown timer.
2) Player uses alphabets to form spells to attack the monsters.

Unique Character System
1) The player can set the character's name from the character screen which he will then use it throughout the entire game. Quests
Quests in the game will give the player an objective to complete our game.
Word Unity will have a main quests & 1 tutorial walkthrough to guide them through the basics of the game.

Word Forge
Player will spell and set spells to an action bar so that they can cast these spells using hotkeys. NPCs
Vart the Village Elder
Word Guru

Chrono the Tormented Soul ( Wraith )
Aztac the Guardian ( Gate Keeper )
Gritt the Cursed Knight ( Fallen Knight )
Xerxes the Word-Caster ( Word-Caster / Final Boss ) Word Kingdom ( Starting Map )
-Vart the Village Elder
-Word Guru

Forest of Memories
-Chrono the Tormented Soul ( 1st Boss )
-Aztac the Guardian ( 2nd Boss )

Mt. Agony
-Gritt the Cursed Knight ( 3rd Boss )

Word-Caster’s Castle
-Xerxes the Word-Caster ( Final Boss ) GUI Knight Front View of our Houses Wooden
House Front View of our Bosses This is the
main NPC
that the player
will be interacting with This is the main character Wraith Gate Keeper Word Caster Stone
House Looting/Inventory System Loot Window for viewing items that are lootable These are
the loots Azim
(Project Leader) Firdaus
(Programming Leader) Amin Ryan Artists Awaluddin
(Art Leader) Nathaniel Colin Samuel Wizard Monsters Mushroom Word Kingdom Conversation System NPC will face the
player when the
conversation starts Assets made for our maps ( Part 2 ) Weapons This is the weapon that
will be used by the
3rd boss, the dark night Conversation
with choices Grave Grass Flowers Waterfall Assets made for our maps ( Part 1 ) This is the sword that the player
will be using, this is also the main
weapon for the player as the player
is not able to change weapons Water Well Treasure Chest Wine Barrel Game Play ( Part 1 ) Word Kingdom's
Town Area The Team Work Done (Programmers) Azim - 1) Map Development
2) GUI
3) Main Menu
4) Word Forge
5) Pause Menu
6) Dictionary Firdaus - 1) Player Movements
2) Word Quests
3) Dictionary
4) Inventory
5) Aiding in Map Development
6) Conversation / Dialogs Ryan - 1) Quest
2) Conversation / Dialogs
3) Prezi / Presentation Slides
4) Sound Effects / Music
5) Research Amin - 1) Link Monster Animations
2) GUI
3) Implementing Sound & Music Work Done (Artists) Awaluddin - Character/NPC Models
& Animations Colin - Monster/NPC Models
& Animations Samuel - 1) Environment Models
2) Word & Alphabet Art Nathaniel - 1) Boss Models & Animations
2) Menu & GUI Art
3) Character Models Quest Pop Up Dialog Dialog will be initiated
when clicked upon A text will
then pop up. Dictionary Character Screen Monster Animation Bosses Animations Character Animations Word Forge/Combat Front View Back View Entrance to
the Inn Inn This textbox will appear when
the player finds an alphabet After collecting the alphabets, This
counter will show how many more
alphabets are left for the quest Words that are being used as reference These are the main menu and pause menu for our game Player enters his character name here upon starting game The name will then appear here above the character Player must type the word that they wish to cast and then set it
to use as a spell. Every word cast has a short cooldown
so that the player cannot spam the spells. The set spell will then appear here
in the action bar for usage. Crow Troll Story of the game In a distant place, where words are magical and people live their lives free of worries and without a care in the world.

One day, the most horrid of things happened. An evil word caster had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and cursed the entire country to be deprived of their ability to use word magic anymore. The evil word caster's ubiquitous influence spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom and caused chaos among its citizens.

The kingdom's soldiers were unable to deter the word caster's advances. Vart the Elder, witnessing his country start to crumble, played his last hand and summoned a hero from another world with all the magic that he had left to save his country from the impending dispair. Game Player ( Part 2)
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