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COMM 2100

No description

Chris Chen

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of COMM 2100

Double click anywhere & add an idea Reminder:
Media Literacy assignment
Due Tuesday, May 4 in lecture Looking for Comm Classes?Check Summer 2010?
8 weeks—June 7 to July 30
Com 1200 (Times: 8:40, 9:50, 11:00)
Com 3310 Message Design 8:40
First four weeks—June 7 to July 2
Com 3490 Mass Media Theory 9:50
Com 4618 TV Criticism 12:10
Second four weeks—July 6 to July 30
Com 4473 Political Communication 9:50
Com 4476 Org Communication 12:10 S-R model
Magic bullet theory
Hypodermic needle theory S-O-R model
Limited-effects model Uses and Gratifications theory
Negotiated effects model How do we learn things? Classical conditioning
Operant conditioning
Observational learning
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