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Social media

No description

Alexandria Wilson

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Social media

SOCIAL MEDIA What is Social Media? Social Media is defined as;

"Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts" What Is Social Media Used For? Social media can be used for many different things such as, interacting with new people or to communicate with friends and family. It is especially helpful when family or friends live in different parts of the world. Social media can help you to share your world with the people you know or love. Social media can be used for innocent things stated above, but also for more devilish things such as revenge. Hackers all around the world commit fraud and access peoples privacy, and their private information.
to access someone else account and then The Effects Of Social Media On:
Victims, Bullies, By-standers What is The Differences Between SHARING YOUR OPINION and BULLYING? SHARING YOUR OPNION is when you share how you feel about something or someone without PURPOSELY putting them down.

BULLYING is where your goal is to put someone down, and type your words for that sole purpose. When people are getting bullied on social media sites,
it's is a scary problem they are going through.When getting bullied on line you can think for example: Sharing your opinion.
Note the reasons this person
gave, thus backing their opinion. who will see, will it get better soon, why are they doing this, how do they know this, do they know anything else about me. This is bullying. Notice the direct threat
to the person. Internet Trolls The s OF SOCIAL MEDIA Effects Of bullies On Social Media Bullies are not the nicest people out there. They are people who for example:
have decided to take there anger out on others, can be a problem in class, and can make you feel like they have all the power to take away your friends. The s One of the biggest problems on the internet is trolling.
Trolls are people who what to purposely disturb and anger people. The main way of trolling is to go into a forum for a certain subject (like My Little Pony, for example), and start arguments there, like which fandom is better, or that a certain thing within the fandom is stupid. Trolling is an act that is looked down by the users of the internet, so if you come into contact with a troll, ignore them, and report them if possible. There are a lot of unknown people on social sites like trackers, thieves, stalkers, paid workers, and other dangerous people. Effects Of Victims On Social Media Effects Of Social Media On By-Standers By-standers are for example are people who think it is not bad when they watch a bullying situation. They will want to do something but they will be to scared to do anything or will think negatively about the situation and will think they have no part or want no part, so they feel there is nothing wrong with what they are doing but it is a problem. The Effects of Social Media So basically, social media is a way of connecting with people online. And since it is used via the internet, it is available in many many places.

Some of the most commonly used social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Linked In. Social media has it's positive and negative effects, especially when people aren't being cautious of what they are saying or posting. Some people get so caught up telling their opinion they forget about what they are saying. Pros Easy To Socialize Social Media makes it easier to... > Chat with friends
> Meet new people and build friendships that could last.
> Connect with family
and long lost relatives
> Save your photos and memories online on your account.
> Socialize if you're shy Advertising Social Media is a great way to advertise products and start new businesses. It's fast and easy, also it usually a guarantee's that many people will at least see your ad. It's hard to start a business from scratch so to make your life easier just put an ad on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If you are ever in this situation don't be silent speak up stand up. Some people will think it's a risk but it's the right thing to do, and it may not work out the first time you say something but you will feel better when you say something. If you feel you are forcing your self to be mean or seem your trying to impress people because there are personal things going on in your personal life; then you need to tell somebody instead of taking it out on innocent people you know. If you happen to be in a situation where you witness bullying tell someone about everything that started happening, is happening, and more. You will feel better, it won't be that easy, it may take a while but things will fall into there natural place. These are the types of bullying Physical bullying: includes physical contact which is used to hurt or injure another person like kicking, punching, hitting etc.
Verbal bullying: is name calling, obsessive remarks, and joking about ones religion, gender, the way they look.
Indirect bullying: includes spreading rumors and stories about another person, telling other about private info, excluding others. Social alienation: excluding purposely, spreading rumors, making fun and pointing out someones differences.
Intimidation: is when someone threatens you, frightens and can frighten you enough for you to do what they want.
Cyberbullying: is when someone is sending messages, images, email, voice mail, to scare, threaten, and to put someone down. Thank you and we hope you will think before you press send on you computer. Use social networking for the write reasons and not to bully someone. Think, and then think again before you make you life public. Victims By-standers Bullies There can be trouble when it comes to social sites, especially because now users don't pay a lot of attention to the small details. Although you may think that the little things don't matter such as the background of your profile picture it does. A professional tracker could easily recognize what may be behind you. They could get an idea of where you live, what you have in your room, etc. Amanda Todd And Many More Speaking about victims I am sure that everyone here knows who Amanda Todd is. She was a 15 year old girl that committed suicide. She had a very rough life and was mocked by everyone beside her. It was so bad that she attempted suicide once before she actually dies. Cons Bullying Mistakes Untrustworthy Privacy
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