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Resume Branding

how to tell your brand story to show how you are different. -stand out of thousands of C.Vs. -overcome the 10 second screening. --Make you remarkable for recruiters. shows how you are the right person for this job. -it delivers your real value.

Mohamed Yasser

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Resume Branding

What is "Resume" ?
Purpose of "Resume"
Obstacles faces your "Resume"
Your Resume is a marketing tool and your job search is a marketing campaign,

• 10 Second "screening".
• you all looks the same, you wouldn’t be "remarkable".
• You have what it takes but no one noticed it.
• "Applicant tracking system".
• The
Black Hole

• Bring you an interview.
• Grape the attention of recruiters.
• To make me remarkable from the first look.
• Overcome excessive experience requirements.
• Present me as the best one for the job.
• Deliver your Brand.

What is Branding?
Communicating your value message to your audiences to show how you are different from others and how they will gain benefits from you.
Pain Letter
what the employer is doing, where they might be running into rough seas, and how your background relates to the hiring manager's most likely business pain.
Be Ready-for-using your LinkedIn Profile.
of HR/ Recruiters doesn't continue reading if they are not interested in the first part of Resume
Resume Branding
Personal Branding Techniques
1. Develop A Strong Title/Job Target

Your title/job target is the
first impression
a hiring manager will have when reading your resume. This short phrase provides a quick summary of what you’ve accomplished and why you are the right person for the job. It helps to set the tone for who you are as a candidate. This tone should remain consistent throughout the resume and any other information the manager receives about you.

2. Add Links To Your Professional Profiles

Another great technique for building your personal brand is to link to your professional profiles. Keep in mind, most times, your resume is submitted online and can easily be linked to Web sites. If you link to your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, as well as one or two other professional sites you have, you give the employer a chance to learn more about the contributions you’ve made in your field.

3. Summarize Your Career Highlights

You can also develop your personal brand by creating a
career summary section
. You want the most important moments of your career to stand out in this section. These moments might include your winning salesperson of the year five times, or your efforts as a team leader that resulted in record revenues. It’s good to list at least four highlights, but make sure they’re tailored to the job for which you’re applying.

4. Turn Your Duties Into Initiatives

Instead of listing the duties you were given on any job you’ve worked, it’s great to
brand yourself by listing your initiatives
. So if you were in charge of taking phone messages and created a new system that made message delivery more effective, don’t just write,
“Answered calls and delivered messages.” Write a couple of sentences starting with “Developed”
or “Initiated,” then talk about what you created and how it helped the message-taking process flow more
smoothly throughout the office.

Read more at http://www.careerealism.com/personal-branding-resume-techniques
Human-Voiced Resume
you've got to come across as human on paper

understanding your own story

You are not your degrees. You are not your past employer brands or your job titles. You are not your resume, at all!

Start with listing your
key career
or business attributes/
on a piece of paper.

Once the list is complete, take a good look at it and pick out the ones that
make you unique
These will form your unique selling points.

Look at your
unique values
key attributes
and you should be able to develop a 1-2 sentence brand statement, answering the above questions.

Characteristics for a human voice resume ?

Only the people who get you deserve you.
• It speaks in a human voice, using the first person and the word "I."

• It tells a story -- your story -- in your own voice, as though you were standing in the room talking with the reader.

• It's written for one reader at a time. It uses full sentences rather than sentence fragments.

• It doesn't use Praising Adjectives like Savvy, Seasoned, Strategic. Powerful people don't stoop to praise themselves.

• It doesn't use jargon like Results-Oriented Professional.

• It shares your experience in very short stories we call Dragon-Slaying Stories.

• It makes clear why you left each job you've had. It makes obvious what problem you came to each place to solve -- your mission -- and how you came, saw and conquered in each role.

• It attracts smart, self-aware hiring managers and pushes away bureaucratic, fearful ones. (That may be the best reason to try a human voice in your resume, right there.)
You have a powerful human story to tell
Personal Brand
Is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
Identify your target audiences
Whom you do it for and Who has the pain ?

Why you are the right person for curing that pain ?

Discover your Talent
Define how you are different ?
How you do it uniquely

What are your Values & Passion?

what are your points of strengths?

What types of problems do you most enjoy solving?

What words do others use to describe you?
Who are your competitors in the marketplace and what differentiates you from them?
Personal Branding statement

Whom are you aiming your services at?
Who is in need for your value ?

The reason personal branding has become critical for business and career success is that:

Nobody wants to buy from the person that does everything for everyone

Look at what target audience would benefit the most from your services and focus on this.

• Inspire people to transform “stuck” career management plans to vibrant opportunity creating strategies. –
Career Coach
• I use my quirky nature, confidence and passion for fun to motivate creative teams in ad agencies and marketing departments to work together more effectively to drive greater value for their organizations. –
Coach / Trainer
• I use my 25 years of experience in – and passion for – marketing to help senior marketing executives in large organizations succeed by making marketing valued inside the organization –
Marketing Trainer
Mohamed Yasser
Talent Branding & Development Consultant | I Help People Discover, Develop & Brand their Talent to shine in job market as Super Talents .
Follow Super Talent

for Talent Branding & Development Solutions.
Story telling
I'm afraid to sound like myself.
Example 1
I grew up in big-company Sales management before launching my consulting business, Top Dog Consulting, in 2004. I help Sales leaders get the right people onto their teams and design sales-territory and sales-comp plans that let salespeople focus on customers instead of obscure sales metrics.
Example 2
I just graduated from Loyola University with my BA in Sociology. I was a Resident Advisor for three years, playing mother hen to twenty-six undergrads, so I know something about human problem-solving in the clinch. I want to help a Chicago company as an inside salesperson or entry-level marketer. Tell me how I can help you!
Dump Branding statements

Workshop on writing you personal branding statement
(it could be "Career Objective | Summary" or your Resume headline) | show your Value.

"Office Manager/Business air-traffic controller looking for overstressed CEO to make sane."
I'm the kind of Office Manager who loves to be in the middle of a beehive of activity, keeping things moving and keeping the CEO focused on his or her day," she said.
Office Manager
• Objective/ targeted position:
Who are you?
• Targeted audiences:
Who might be interested in your services?
• Your brand value:
Why they should hire you?

Brand statement factors
Resume Branding
will help you

stand out of thousands of C.Vs.

overcome the 10 second screening.

Make you remarkable.

shows how you are perfect for this job.

Directly reach your potential manager.

It delivers your real value and put you into your passion.

Stay away of Zombie speak
Who ?
How ?
How ?
Do you sounds like Humans

Present what is relevant not everything
• Your Story.
• How you are different.
• Relevant Achievements.
• How you can help ?.
How to tell your Experience story?
Use all channels to Spread your Brand value
Career Summary Factors
• Identify your targeted Employer.

• Analyze his business needs & problems "Business Pain".

• Analyze Job ads to figure out job needs "Job Purpose".

• What kinds of problems they want you to solve.

• Write down how your experience & skills are relevant to solve these problems.

• present yourself as the perfect cure for that pain.

Turn Your Resume To a Pain letter

Avoid the "Black Hole" by sending your pain letter directly to the
Hiring Manager
Turn your duties into initiatives

Craft, Show & Spread Your Talent Brand.

"Resume Branding" is About :
"Show yourself as a Super Candidate for the Job"
• Creative Designer with natural talent, i help you build a great images by designing your company soul -
Art Director & Graphic Designer

• Delivering excellence in operations management, design implementation, and strategic, collaborative problem-solving to the industrial construction industry -
• Offering exceptional sales instincts and significant record of progressive success to your organization in an inside/outside sales-development role -
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