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Emerging Technologies- Chris Shaw

No description

Chris Shaw

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Emerging Technologies- Chris Shaw

UnderCurrent Virtual Reality Nexia Home Intelligence Google Glass is highly anticipated.
Glasses allow user to interface with the device through voice activation.
Only the user can see the information.
Everything appears on the screen, in the user's corner of vision.
Features include: take pictures and video, set reminders, call and message, live web cam, Google info, translate, directions, etc. Chris Shaw
Emerging Technologies Prezi
May 3rd, 2013 Self Driving Cars Toyota's Window to the World The world's most advanced humanoid robot, by Honda.
Took over 2 decades to get to current ASIMO
Mimics human walking ability
Performs many basic tasks: walking, running, climbing stairs, pouring liquids, pushing carts, kicking a soccer ball etc.
Synchronizes to human motions using wrist and eye sensors.
Recognizes sounds, gestures, faces, and objects.
Made of lightweight magnesium alloy and composite resin.
ASIMO is 51 inches tall and has a 1 hour battery life.
Contains 34 motors throughout. In testing stage.
Google Explorer project with applied and reviewed candidates.
Paying to test the glasses. Reviews
-Said to be awkward to talk to
-Can give contact wearers headaches.
-Need to be user customized
-A social barrier to conversation.
-Awkward to wear
-Impressive capabilities
-Perfect for extreme sports
-Useful in industry Personal Interest Specs:
-dual-core OMAP 4430 CPU
-16 GB Storage
-5 MP Camera
-Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Nexia Bridge router connects everything together.
Connects homes with cell phones and internet.
Control lighting and heating/cooling digitally.
Keypad locks on doors that sends a text when a code is entered.
In home video monitoring.
Unlock or lock doors from mobile device.
Pay $9 monthly fee for Nexia service.
Currently used by homeowners, lowers costs and increases security and convenience. Review
Easy to install
Provides powerful remote access
Expandable to suit your needs
Reasonably priced

can't run it off your own network
needs more/ different components Personal Interest Google produces first self driving car.
360 degree camera, radar, and laser to identify surroundings.
Has manual override capability.
Logged over 400k miles without an accident.
Fleet of 10 being tested.
3 states legalized self driving cars (NV, CA, FL) Review:
Claims that cars make drivers around them worse.
People "bottle-neck" to look at self-driving cars.
Cause people to make traffic errors, swerve, and crash.
Better at driving than humans.
Helpful to those who no longer can drive.
No accidents caused by self-driving cars themselves. Personal Interest Concept made by Toyota Motors Europe and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.
Interactive augmented reality window.
Interacts with scenery.
Measure distance, translate, zoom, drawing, and virtual constellations.
2 Prototypes were on display in Brussels at the "Our Future Mobility Now" exhibition in June, 2011. Personal Review:
The concept is: interesting and innovative.
Doesn't really improve living/ serve much of purpose.
Development will probably be difficult and lengthy.
My personal interest: Game exploring the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle in virtual reality.
Developed by a group of students from University of Teesside in the U.K.
Uses virtual reality system the Oculus Rift.
Oculus Rift has Immersive stereoscopic 3d rendering, massive field of view, and ultra-low latency head tracking.
Diagonal field of view of 110 degrees. You don't see a screen on the headset.
Oculus Rift doing a kick starter for developers. Personal Review:
Believe the game will be exciting and unique.
See the Oculas Rift as revolutionary potential.
Change the way gamers play. Personal Interest Currently ASIMO is used as:
an educational tool about progress of robots
an attraction at Disneyland
to inspire other technology in mobility such as the Honda U3-X Personal Interest: Sources
Google Glass
“Eric Schmidt is right, using Google Glass is weird- my experience” by Mike Butcher- techcrunch.com
Google Glass Homepage
“Google Glass specifications reveal smartphone –level details” by Craig Lloyd- slashgear.com

Undercurrent Virtual Reality
Oculus Virtual Reality Website
“UnderCurrent uses Oculus Rift for a deep sea exploration simulation”-Riftdev.com
Official UnderCurrent Wordpress

ASIMO Honda Home Page

Nexia Home Intelligence
“Nexia Home Security Bundle review: The future of iPhone home automation is now” by Georgia- imore.com
Nexia Home Intelligence Website

Self-Driving Car
"Self-driving cars aren't too far off" by Megan Hickey- USA Today
Wikipedia: Google Driverless Car
“Google’s self-driving robot cars are ruining my commute” by Ashlee Vance- Business Week

Toyota "Window to the World"
Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design Website: Project Press Release
“Toyota’s ‘Window to the World” concept makes car windows interactive”- LA Times
http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technology/2011/07/toyotas-window-to-the-world-concept-makes-car-windows-interactive.html Conclusion
-The world is constantly evolving, and life changing ideas and innovations are on the horizon. It should be interesting to see how technology can improve life next in our lifetime. Personal Review:
ASIMO is the most advanced robot
Kinesthetic abilities are superior to other robots
Capabilities demonstrated in publicity demonstrations may be slightly exaggerated
Do not see it as a practical consumer product
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