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World injustices

No description

Amrish Costa

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of World injustices

World Injustices
North Korea
Amrish & Ashok

Thank You!!!!
And make sure you say no to injustice!
"He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the lord" Proverbs 17:15
North Korea
In Somalia kids are dying on a daily basis. One reason is starvation the other one is pirates. They break in to schools and houses and take kids. They also abuse the kids like beating them and using them as human shields. The human rights association is trying to fix the matter. It was also addressed to the U.N, European Union , African Union, and the United States have not paid attention to this matter. This matter should be addressed to help kids in Somalia. Children everywhere have the right to... Affection,love and understanding. Adequate nutrition and medical care. An education. Full opportunity for play and recreation. A name and nationality. Special care if handicapped. Priority for relief in time of disaster. Learn to be a useful member of society and to develop individual abbilities. We can make a difference by raising awareness of what is happing. We can also raise money to help them have a better life so they won’t have to steal to get money and get kids to do it. The reason they steal is to get the cargo or goods and sell them to get money. Here is a video about the pirates in somalia.
In North Korea many people are being taken to prison camps and are forced to work under brutal conditions. Also satellite pictures are showing that North Korea's prison camps are being expanded under new leader KIm Jong-Un orders. In these camps men women and even kids are being used to experiment with chemical weapons. Also North Korea's young new leader has rashly threatened to nuke America. Although not many people believed it, it just go's to show what this young leader is trying to achieve. Also in the camps people are being constantly beated and sometimes executed. One man named shim dong hyuk who was the only person that escaped the prison camps at the age of 23 and lived states that he had to watch his parents being executed publicly. Shim now a human rights activist says that the UN is not doing enough to help North Korea. He also states that "Kim is a bully who uses fear to control people, and that is a very effective tool," . Here is a video about all the human rights Kim and all the prison camps are denying.
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