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Marcela Macková

on 23 April 2013

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One of Brazil's most famous football clubs has won South America's top club tournament. The Brazilian club Sao Paolo won the final of the Copa Sudamericana. However, there are big questions about how they got their victory. They were declared winners after the other team, Tigre from Argentina, refused to come onto the pitch for the second half of the game. TRUE / FALSE: Read the headline. Guess if a-h below are true (T) or false (F).

a.)Rioting fans in a South American soccer stadium stopped a cup final. T / F

b.)A Brazilian team won the Copa Sudamericana tournament. T / F

c.)The other team's players were too afraid to play the second half. T / F

d.)The Argentinian team said security guards pulled guns on them. T / F

e.)It was nil-nil as the two teams went to the dressing rooms at half time. T / F

f.)Brazil's president said on a club website the other team feared losing. T / F

g.)Sao Paolo's goalkeeper said the Tigre team came to play, not fight. T / F

h.)Argentina's press showed photos of a blood-covered dressing room. T / F SYNONYM MATCH: Match the following synonyms from the article.
1.tournament a.announced
2.victory b.zero
3.declared c.worried
4.pitch d.coated
5.concerned e.frightened
6.nil f.competition
7.afraid g.completely
8.causing h.win
9.totally i.field
10.covered j.creating Sao Paolo were winning the game two-nil before the referee called the game off. Sao Paulo president Juvenal Juvencio told the club's website that Tigre were afraid of losing badly so they started causing trouble in the half-time break. He said: "They were going to lose by a big score. Our biggest victory is the fact that the Argentines ran away." 1.Which team won the Copa Sudamericana?
a) River Plate
b) Sao Paolo
c) Tigre
d) Corinthians

2.What kind of questions are being asked about the victory?
a) urgent ones
b) important ones
c) a variety
d) big ones

3.What did the other team refuse to do in the second half?
a) come onto the pitch
b) give the ball to the referee
c) shake hands
d) pass the ball to their star player

4.Who did Tigre officials say beat them?
a) the other team
b) the other team's fans
c) security guards
d) their fans

5.Who is worried about safety and security at the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
a) the president of Brazil
b) the whole footballing world
c) a goalkeeper
d) the winning team's president COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS

1.Who won the final of the Copa Sudamericana?

2.When did the Tigre players refuse to come onto the pitch?

3.What were the Tigre players afraid of losing?

4.What did Tigre players say security guards pulled on them?

5.What is the football world concerned about?

6.What was the score at half time?

7.What did the winning team's president say
Tigre were afraid of?

8.What did the winning team's goalkeeper say about Tigre?

9.How many police did Tigre say attacked them?

10.What did photos show in Argentina's newspapers? Titanic READING

1.tournament a.competition
2.victory b.win
3.declared c.announced
4.pitch d.field
5.concerned e.worried
6.nil f.zero
7.afraid g.frightened
8.causing h.creating
9.totally i.completely
1.Sao Paolo
2.In the second half
3.Their lives
5.Safety and security at the FIFA World Cup in 2014
6.Two-nil to Sao Paolo
7.Losing badly (by a big score)
8."They came here to fight, not to play."
10.A dressing room covered in blood MULTIPLE CHOICE - QUIZ MULTIPLE CHOICE - QUIZ

1.b 6.a
2.d 7.c
3.a 8.a
4.c 9.a
5.b 10.d Soccer Titanic first earned its fame as the largest luxury ship on the open seas. She was build by the Harland and Wolff in Belfast with Thomas Andrews as her naval architect. It took five years to build it. It was the biggest moving object ever built. She was 885 feet long and weighed 46,000 tons. She could carry 3,295 people on board including passengers and crew. The Titanic was designed to hold 32 lifeboats.
There were hopes and high expectations. Unfortunately, in a couple of days, these emotions were replaced by those of horror. The ship set off on April 10 from England Southampton. It never made it to its destination of New York.
It was „the ship of dreams“, and this theory is supported by the objects from the wreck, first pictures of which were taken in 1985. Menus, jewelries, bottles of wine and letters from passengers on the Titanic were saved from the wreck and displayed in museums. The ship was approaching a massive iceberg. There were 6 ice warnings received by Titanic on the day of the collision. The moon was not out, it was very difficult to see the iceberg. Four days into her journey, at 11:40 P.M. on the night of April 14, she struck an iceberg. Her fireman compared the sound of the impact to "the tearing of calico, nothing more." However, the collision was fatal and the icy water soon poured through the ship. If the officers on the ships had paid attention to the reports about ice, they could have completely avoided the disaster. Although the crew was trying to turn the ship in the other direction, a big part of the ship was torn when it collided with an iceberg. Titanic started to sink almost immediately. Many of the passengers did not know that. The others saw the iceberg passing their window and quickly grabbed their their robes or dressing gowns and hurried to find out what was going on. Passengers who were at stategic points in the ship knew the truth and Titanic sent out SOS messages to neighboring ships. As the ship began to fill with water, people fought to get to the 20 lifeboats, but the crew members decided that the women and children would go there first. Although each lifeboat could carry 65 passengers, some of them only carried 12. It became obvious that many would not find safety in a lifeboat.
Each passenger was issued a life
jacket but life expectancy would be short when exposed to water four degrees below freezing. It was 2.20 am on the Monday morning 1912 when the ship actually went down and most of the passengers died from exposure in the ice-cold water. The liner Carpatia received this SOS call and radioed back that they were going to help. It was too late, however. When Carpathia arrived, all that remained form Titanic were several boats with terrified passengers. One of the most fascinating facts about the tragic history of Titanic is the mix of passangers on board. Under the command of Edward Smith, Titanic was divided into social classes according to wealth and education. Her passengers were a mixture of the world's wealthiest basking in the elegance of first class accommodations and immigrants packed into steerage.
The bottom two layers were for
manual workers and the third-class passengers who were hoping to start a new life in America. The second class layers was for teachers, merchants and professionals. The top layer was reserved for the rich and aristocrats. Titanic sank somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Newfoundland, Canada.
The wreck of the Titanic remains on the seabed, split in two. When the ship sank, the lives of the famous and the unknown were lost, too. 1,516 people died there and 713 people were rescued. Many movies about Titanic have been made, the most famous is the one from 1997 with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet. It captured the world´s interest and won a lot of Academy Awards. Choose the best answer. Are the sentences true or false? Match the highlighted words in the

text with the definitions below. 1. What was the day of collision

a.) Saturday

b.) Sunday

c.) Monday

d.) Tuesday 2. How many people were on the board.


b.) 713

c.) 2,229

d.) 2,306 3. How many storeys were there on the ship.

a.) one

b.) two

c.) three

d.) four Match the headings with the

paragraphs. There is one heading you

do not need. 4. Who was the captain of Titanic.

a.) E. Smith
b.) L. di Caprio
c.) H. Wolff

d.) T. Andrews 5. This year it is the .......th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

a.) 150th
b.) 1912th
c.) 100th

d.) 27th 1 B, 2 C, 3 D, 4 A, 5 C 1. All the life boats were full of rescued passangers.

2. In 1985 was Titanic pulled out from water and displayed in museum.

3. The ship was broken into two pieces.

4. There were 32 lifeboats for passengers on the Titanic.

5. Titanic started to sink in a short while. 1 F, 2 F, 3 T, 4 F, 5 T A.) to start journey

B.) the ship ruins

C.) collision

D.) to discover something

E.) you are waiting that something positive
will happen / prospects

F.) if you are affected by something A set off
B wreck
C impact
D find out
E expectancy
F exposed to Division of travellers


Chance of rescue

Consequencies and reminder

Rescue attempt

Titanic movie

What happened A - Background

B - What happened

C - Rescue attempt

D - Chance of rescue

E - Division of travellers

F - Consequencies and reminder The players and coaches from the Argentine club said they feared for their lives. Tigre
officials said security guards at Sao Paolo's Morumbi stadium beat them and pulled guns on them as they went to the dressing room after the first half. The whole footballing world is now concerned about safety and security at the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Sao Paulo goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni said of Tigre: "They came here to fight, not to play." Tigre's players totally disagreed. They said about 20 police and security staff waited for them and attacked them. Argentina's newspapers were full of photographs of a dressing room covered in blood. Tigre coach Nestor Gorosito told Argentine television: "It was crazy." 6.What was the half-time score?
a) 2-0
b) 1-0
c) 0-0
d) 2-2

7.Who called the game off?
a) the two team captains
b) the police
c) the referee
d) security guards

8.What did the winning team's president say the biggest victory was?
a) the other team running away
b) the game of football
c) 14-2
d) the 2014 FIFA World Cup

9.How many police did Tigre players say attacked them?
a) 20
b) 12
c) 22
d) 200

10.What did Tigre's coach tell Argentine newspapers?
a) "Football is crazy."
b) "The fans were crazy."
c) "I was crazy."
d) "It was crazy." MULTIPLE CHOICE - QUIZ

1.b 6.a
2.d 7.c
3.a 8.a
4.c 9.a
5.b 10.d A B C D E F
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