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Eng 2 Monitoring Thinner

No description

Collin Van der Vorst

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Eng 2 Monitoring Thinner

Obesity So you are intelligent? Then tell us how to calculate the BMI Anorexia Facts and stats Anorexia & Obesity By Collin Van der Vorst & Ruben Robberechts Anorexia is a disease; it is not a fashion statement. Anorexia is not a illness of the body, it is an illness of the mind Quotes Anorexia Amount of american women with anorexia (mil) Amount of men with anorexia (mil) Facts & Stats Average age where anorexia is diagnosed (yrs) Percentage of people effected (%) Amount of money the dieting industry earns (in billion) Percentage of 10 years old afraid of being fat? (%) Percentage of people with eating disorder that are getting treated? (%) Position of mortality rate with mental ilness? (%) Anorexia 1. Amount of American women with anorexia (mil) 2. Amount of American men with anorexia (mil) Facts & Stats 3. Average age where anorexia is diagnosed (yrs) 4. Percentage of people effected (%) 5. Amount of money the dieting industry earns (in billion) 6. Percentage of 10 years old afraid of being fat? (%) 7. Percentage of people with eating disorder that are getting treated? (%) 8. Position of mortality rate with mental ilness? Anorexia Culture
Skinny is shown as perfection on television
Social presure
Personal characteristics
Low self-esteem
Body image problems
Other emotional disorders
Stress and life changes
Family Causes Anorexia Thining of the bones
Heart damage
Brain damage
Multi-organ failure
Kidneys failures
Yellow teeth
Depression Effects Anorexia Causes:introduction Anorexia Definition Anorexia Individual, group or family psychotherapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Nutritional counseling
Medical care and monitoring
Medication (antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers) Treatment Anorexia Catherine (1988)
The Karen Carpenter Story (1989)
Dying to Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Pena Story (1996)
Dying to Dance (2001)
Trauma (1993) Movies about anorexia Anorexia Vocabulary exercice Anorexia The image you get from yourself S...-.....m Anorexia When it is impossible to make a baby naturally I.........y Anorexia Debat time.. ..Throw your hands in the airrrrrrrr Anorexia Should there be a minimum level of BMI to participate on photoshoots? Anorexia Who knows people with anorexia in their environment Anorexia Is it mainly because of the media why there are a lot of anorexia victims? Anorexia Is there a connection between suicide and anorexia? Anorexia People, the only time it’s okay to be skeleton skinny is when you are dead, so eat the freakin cookie and enjoy it. Anorexia Psychiatric medication used to treat mood disorders M... ..........s Anorexia The displeasing feeling of fear and concern A.....y Anorexia When the kidneys stop working K...... ...l Kidneys fail Anxiety Mood stabilizers Infertility Self-esteem Anorexia Do you know this anorexian celeb? Keira Knightley Anorexia Do you know this anorexian celeb? (2) Nicole Ritchie Anorexia Do you know this anorexian celeb? (3) Tara Reid Anorexia Do you know this anorexian celeb? (4) Geri Halliwell Anorexia Do you know this anorexian celeb? (5) Olsen twins Obesity Obesity -The rise of childhood obesity has placed the health of an entire generation at risk. Quotes -Exercise is one of the best ways in preventing the rapid growth of obesity in America. -Obesity is not gluttony. Anorexia Eating disorder Kind of mental illness Definition (2) Fear of gaining weight Immoderate food restriction Eating disorders Abnormal eating habits Men/women/children Explanation Mental illness Problems with the quantity of food they eat The cause is not entirely understood Most commonly
excessive food energy intake
lack of physical activity
In a few cases
Psychiatric illness
Also stress
Lack of sleep Causes Obesity Medical condition
Excess body fat
Adverse effect on health Definition Obesity Diabetes type 2
Heart disease
Obstructive sleep apnea
Low self-esteem Effects Obesity Body mass index Depends
Calculators on the internet Take a sheet and do the math Obesity Body mass index under 20 = underweight 20-25 = normal 25-30 = overweight 30+ = obese Obesity Diets
Exercise and activity
Behavior change (Smaller meals)
Weight-loss surgery Treatments Obesity Thank you for listening
For attending school! Obesity Obesity Debat time.. ..Mexican wave with us Obesity When people suffer from obesity, it’s their own fault Obesity Companies like Macdonalds should be monitored by the state
to prevent obesity Obesity Obesity is caused not only by food industry but it is also caused by our mentality 10 1 14 5 40 80 10 1
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