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Modern Impacts of a School Library

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Meena Benavente

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Modern Impacts of a School Library

Roles of a
School Library
and a
School Librarian
Student Achievement
School Library Roles
Dropout Prevention

Modern Impacts of a School Librarian:
Student Achievement for At-Risk Students

Meena Benavente
Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
LEAP - University of North Texas
Student Achievement
At-Risk Students
Roles of a School Library

What are the roles of the school library?
Defining at-risk students,
dropout students,
and resilient students
Why do students drop out?
Who is considered to be at-risk?
What can we do to
What can the school library do
Students drop out from school when they feel a lack of connection and engagement between themselves and school
: engage students in active learning (Scott & Plourde, 2007)
engage students in learning
provide curriculum related resources
collaborate with teachers in their lesson planning and in teaching
provide professional development to staff
provide technology
leadership roles
students who are potential candidates to become dropout students
students who have completely withdrawn from school
Chirtes (2010) says:
when parents lack interest
when parents neglect their child
parent separation
when parents abandon their child
when parents consume too much alcohol
when a parent dies
when a child is forced to work
when a child is raised with a single parent
when a child has a disability
when a child can't adjust to school
when a child retains a grade level
ethnic discrimination
Lukenbill (2007) states:
children from low income families
children who are educated in unstable school districts
children who have low academic skills
children who have parents with low education
children who speak English as a second language
children who become a young parent
children who have low self-esteem
children who feel isolated
children who are gay, lesbian, or transgender
children who abuse drugs
children who abuse alcohol
children who have aggression issues

What is student achievement?
Student achievement is academic
Now, the big question...
provide a variety of resources in multiple types of media to encourage critical thinking skills and to scaffold academic needs
provide services and programs to inspire and engage student learning
prepare students for the 21st century requirements
What are the roles a school librarian?
(Hamilton, 2011)
(Parr, 2012)
(Gewertz, 2012)
(Hamilton, 2011)
(Hamilton, 2011)
(Hamilton, 2011)
(Hamilton, 2011)
(Parr, 2012)
students who are categorized as at-risk students, but have achieved
Student achievement is based on
standardized assessment
(Chan, 2008)

(Jones, 2009)
On average, how many student drop out of school?
1 in 5 students dropout from school
(ED.gov, 2013)
School librarians can help prevent dropouts by:
support students with their academics
support students with their behavior issues
support students with their social issues
offer learning opportunities that engage students
provide personal attention
create an inviting library environment
What is the evidence that school library roles impact the achievement for at-risk students?
provide services that apply to students' interests
initiate peer connections
collaborate with teachers to provide differentiate lessons
challenge students
apply a variety of teaching strategies
respect and acknowledge individual differences
intrigue students to become active learners
library programs - such as graphic novel book clubs
School libraries that have certified school librarians promote student success and create a bridge between academic achievement gaps for at-risk students, thus promoting resiliency.

Brenchley, C. U.S. Department of Education, (2012). High school graduation rate at highest level in three
decades. Retrieved from ED.gov website: http://http://www.ed.gov/blog/
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a review of the literature. Access (10300155), 22(4), 15-20.
Chirteş, G. (2010). A CASE STUDY INTO THE CAUSES OF SCHOOL DROPOUT. Acta Didactica Napocensia, 3(4),
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Practices. School Libraries Worldwide, 15(2), 77- 90.
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services to youth. New Review Of Children's Literature & Librarianship, 12(2), 197-213. doi:10.1080/13614540600982991
Parr, K. (2012). The Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement and Success. Mississippi Libraries, 75(1),
BIG IDEA?. Education, 127(3), 419-429.
Thank you!

Contact info:
E-mail: meenabenavente@gmail.com
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