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United Kingdom Internship

U.K. Dexter Cattle Society

Beth Turner

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of United Kingdom Internship

Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps.
But we can move beyond the present.
Here is something small...
It could be much larger!
Here is some context. Provide some common ground.
Or something from the present, that we should look beyond.
U.K Dexter Cattle Society
An Example:
What is a Dexter?
Smallest British Breed of Cattle
Native to Ireland
Come in 2 varieties , 3 colors & Horned or Polled
Tri-Purpose: Meat, Milk & Draft
Dress out on avg. 60%
Milk 1-3 gallons a day
Ideal Mature Height & Weight :
Bulls- 38”-44” at the shoulder & less than 1000 pounds
Cows- 36”-42” at the shoulder & less than 750 pounds.
Conflict of this standard between International Congress of Dexter Cattle and the U.K. Society
Dexter Beef?
Featured on Gordon Ramsey’s “The F word”
The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy held a taste test with over 70 professional chefs
Dexter Beef placed 3rd behind the Randall Lineback & the Galloway.
No conventional beef breeds placed in the top 5.
1st things 1st
Where to Stay & What to do
Stayed on 5 Ranches but visted 7
1st Stop: Wales
Arrived @ Cardiff Wales on June 14th
Then drove 2 hrs west to Rhydlewis to the home of Mike & Kim Sinnott.
2nd Stop: Pembrokeshire
Stayed with Holly & David Harris
Carew Castle
National Landmark Dexter Graze the Hill around the castle in the Winter.
Use cattle to help with conservation efforts.
Newcastle Emlyn
Stayed at the home of Judy Lewis, the current President of the U.K. Dexter Cattle Society
Has raised Dexters for the last 35 years.
Also raise beef Shorthorn
Dexter X Simmental
Off to England

Non-Profit working for the conservation of rare breeds of livestock.
Currently owns the only herd of original population Dexters.
All animals are 99.9% or greater Dexter
Andrew Sheppy & The Cobthorn Trust
The Republic of Ireland
Took the fairy from Fishguard Wales to Rosslare, RoI across St.George’s Channel a four hour crossing.
Went from Rosslare to Kilkenny about 56 miles.
Stayed with John O’Neil & family
Cornahair Herd: Oldest in Irealand
Started with the reindroduction of Dexters to Ireland in the 1950's & 60's through the Research Station outside Dublin
Once one of the largest herds in the world recently wiped out by Bovine TB
Back to the U.K: North Ireland
Stayed in Templepatrick with Mike Frasier and Family.
Raised Dexters, Aberdeen Angus, Commercial Cross, Sheep & Rare Breed Pigs on 3 farms
Antrium County Show
Baby Beth
Differences in Commercical Production in U.S. vs. U.K.
Fun Stuff
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