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Marketing Mix: Air Jordan

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thjfhj jsdj

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Mix: Air Jordan

We chose air jordan shoes because they are a quality product and their good marketing mix.
Air Jordan was created by Nike and was named after Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was a great basketball player famous for his foul line dunk. It is an international company and is based in the USA but is manufactured in Malaysia.
The promotion is having all-star athletes use and promote their product. They endorse these athletes so that people see them wearing them they want to buy it to be like them. They emphasize the "dunkman" and how their product will make you jump higher. The attention getter is the number 23, which was worn by Michael Jordan.
We are analyzing the Air Jordan line of Basketball/sports shoes.
The company's main target is basketball players and athletes.
The company's main competitors are Underarmour and Adidas. Those companies also make shoes for basketball players and athletes. They are different because they dont have have an all-star athlete promoting their product.
The pricing ranges from $79.99 to $129.99. Usually they dont have a lot of units to sell so the price goes up when low on stock. The pricing strategy is good because people try to buy it quickly to get a better deal.
Thank you!
Marketing Mix: Air Jordan

Most of their products can be found at local sports retailers. Some of these stores include: Sport Chek, Champs and Foot Locker. They project the product through posters and visual advertisement.
My opinion is they do a great job of hyping up their product to make sales as well as advertisement. Endorsing athletes is a great strategy and is a big reason they are such a popular brand.
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