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What Factors Influence Your car's fuel economy?

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Juan Landeros

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of What Factors Influence Your car's fuel economy?

What Factors Influence Your Car's Fuel Economy?
The volume of air your engine can consume.
The more your vehicle weighs, the more force (gas) it takes to accelerate.
Different Types of Weight
Pint-sized vehicles barely affect the vehicle's fuel economy.
Meanwhile, SUVs and trucks that weigh more than 2 tons have a hard time moving. This means that more gas is used and the vehicle's fuel economy is affected even more
If a car has a four-speed transmission, its engine must turn faster than a car with a five-speed to produce the same speed.
Factors That Influence Your Car's Fuel Economy
For Example
With every revolution of the motor, the engine draws in and expels 1.5 liters of air.
The basic system that converts engine revolutions into rolling tires is your transmission
How your vehicle moves through the air
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