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Engagement Team

No description

Ruth Lattimore

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Engagement Team

Employee Engagement Our GOAL: Build and support COMMUNITY Create LOYALTY by engaging and caring in the success of our people Continuously improve
SATISFACTION Consistent, informative, predictable and reliable COMMUNICATION SAME VALUES, ENHANCED APPROACH Manage company-wide collaboration to enhance effectiveness and performance Understand and implement the company's vision and goals for growth. GO BIG or GO HOME! Drive company relationships to exceed employee and client needs Constant support and communication to maximize satisfaction and transparency Partner with Recruiting, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Leadership Loyalty Communication Client Satisfaction Community On-Boarding
Monthly Newsletter
Event invites
Volunteer opportunities
Charity fund raising events
Consistent contact to build strong relationships Welcome email with important helpful tips
Monthly check-in meetings
Gather and share performance feedback
Exit meeting 35 days before ending
End of assignment feedback Engagement meeting within first week of assignment
Birthday card with Starbucks GC
Flowers/cards for life events
Morale events
Manage and track redeploys Quarterly client check in
Solicit performance feedback
EEM intro at beginning of assignment to set expectations
Option of 6 month performance check-In
End of performance feedback
Career development, Professional development Mission Statement Employee Engagement 2012 September 2013 2013 September Day-to-Day Actions That Achieve...... Creating A fully engaged relationship with Wimmer Fiscal year end Fully Enganged On the Rise Create LOYALTY by engaging and caring in the success of our people Continuously improve
SATISFACTION Build and support COMMUNITY Consistent, informative, predictable and reliable COMMUNICATION Wimmer Employee Engagement Loyalty Client Satisfaction Community Communication Pounding the Pavement BECU - Blucora - Coastal Transportation - Disney - Expedia F5 - Fiveby Solutions - Lighthouse Document Technologies - Microsoft NCsoft - Networking Computing Architects Inc. - Paccar Corporation T-Mobile - Wizards of the Coast - Nordstrom - Dendreon - IDX - Watermark
Intellectual Ventures - The Active Network - Puget Sound Blood Center
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