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Final Project: Beautiful Creatures

No description

nicole fellows

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Final Project: Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures By: Nicole Fellows Book Written By: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Published: Hardcover in 2009 and Paperback in 2010 by Little, Brown and Company.
Awards: New York and Los Angeles Times Bestseller, ALA William C. Morris YA Debut Award Finalist 2010. Movie Director: Richard LaGravenese
Released: February 14 2013
No awards so far because it's new.
Rated PG-13
Actors Characters
Alden Ehrenreich Ethan Wate
Alice Englert Lena Duchannes
Jeremy Irons Macon Ravenwood
Viola Davis Amma
Emmy Rossum Ridley Duchannes Book Summary Beautiful Creatures is about a boy named Ethan Wate who keeps having weird dreams about a girl who he tries to save but fails to every time. One day the girl from his dreams, Lena, moves into town with her Uncle Macon. The more he talks to her the closer he gets to finding out that she's a caster and will be claimed for the light or dark side on her sixteenth birthday.This eventually leads to Ethan helping Lena in a showdown with her mom who wants her to turn dark. The main theme of the book is to be yourself and choose your own path instead of following what others have planned for you. By the end of the book Lena uses her powers to hide the moon and prevent her from being claimed. Instead of doing what her family wants and choosing light or dark, she chooses not to be claimed for the time being. She has both light and darkness in her now which is shown by her one green eye and one goldenish eye. Literary Devices Movie Summary The movie is about a boy named Ethan who falls in love with this girl he keeps dreaming about. When this girl, Lena, shows up in class one day he decides to get to know her and learns that she comes from a family of casters. From then on he fights to keep them together and to keep her from going insane. By the end Lena gains enough confidence to choose not to be claimed and attacks her mother until she disintegrates. The theme of this movie is choose your own path and true love can conquer all. In the opening sequence Ethan is running through the town while everybody else is sleeping. This helps to show while how everyone is content where they are, Ethan is making the choice to leave and run as far as he can from this small town once he leaves high school. At the end even though Lena has erased Ethan's memory, he somehow breaks through this hase and remembers that he loves her. Cinematic Technique A lot of flashbacks are used in this movie. This particular shot is a flashback of Ridley being claimed. Ethan and Lena are always shown in medium shots when they are together. Voice overs are used throughout the movie. They are through Ethan's perspective and mainly used just to show his thoughts. A camera is used to pan around and show the whole dining room and family. Unlike the rest of the movie this scene uses a point of view shot from the POV of Lena/her mother. Dominant: Lena
Lighting Key: Ambient lighting
Shot/Camera proxemics: Medium Shot
Angle: Eye level shot
Color Values: Ethan and Lena are both wearing white to symbolize how naive they are when it comes to what plans her family has for her.
Lens/filter/stock: No special color filter is used. A telephoto lens is used.
Subsidiary Contrasts: Ethan
Density: This scene is not very dense with only two things in it.
Composition: It's organized with two people taking up the majority of the screen and a few spaces showing a forest in the background.
Form: Closed form
Framing: Tight Framing
Depth: There isn't a lot of depth and the background suggests they are outside.
Character Placement: Both Characters are place in the center of the frame because they are the most important things in the scene.
Staging positions: Ethan is placed in a 3 quarter turn almost going full back. Lena is placed in a quarter turn almost full frontal.
Character Proxemics: Intimate proximity. Mise En Scene Analysis Sound/Score The director uses a lot of lighthearted songs when Lena and Ethan are together. He uses a flash sound to indicate that a flashback is happening. Otherwise there are dark music scores used when something bad has happened or is about to happen. Movie Main Character Transformation In the beginning of the movie a lot of tight framing around Lena is used to show that she keeps to herself and stays away from others. Towards the middle, Lena becomes to come out of her shell with Ethan and he is really the only one she trusts to let into her world. This is shown by using medium shots between these two. By the end, Lena is strong enough to choose who she wants to be and without Ethan's help she is able to stand up to her mom and avoid the claiming. Her new confidence is shown by the closeup shots of her and her newly darkened eyes. Book Main Character Transformation At the beginning of the novel, the author uses pathetic fallacy to show that Lena keeps to herself and worried about upcoming events while a storm is simultaneously happening.In the middle of the novel, the author gives Lena an epiphany which lets her realize that she is not alone and has Ethan to love her and keep her strong no matter what happens to her. The back-story of Lena's ancestor Genevieve helps to show how Lena will be strong in the end like Genevieve and make her own decisions. Book/Movie Similarities Ethan are conveyed in the movie exactly as I pictured them. Lena's house is also what I was expecting to see after reading the book. Ridley may not have looked exactly like she was described in the book but her actions and personality were spot on. Book/Movie Differences There were really way too many differences to count so I'll just name a few. Half of Lena's family including her guardian dog were missing. The director probably thought it would take too long to explain all of her family's unique powers so he left most of them out. The song sixteen moons, which played throughout the whole book was missing. The director left this out because he couldn't exactly put the song in when the Lena in the movie didn't have green eyes. The ending of the movie was completely different from the book. Ethan's memory of Lena was wiped away and there was no big face off of Lena and her mom. The director probably changed the ending to make the theme of the movie more about love conquers all than choosing your own destiny. Work/Pictures Cited "official stills from beautiful creatures movie." fanpop. N.p., 3 Feb 2013. Web. 3 Mar 2013. <http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/beautiful-creatures/images/33348450/title/official-stills-from-beautiful-creatures-movie-photo>.
"Beautiful creatures picture 13." aceshowbiz. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar 2013. <http://www.aceshowbiz.com/still/00006019/beautiful-creatures-img02.html>.
"Beautiful Creatures(2013)." IMDB. N.p.. Web. 4 Mar 2013. <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1559547/>.
"Awards." Beautiful Creatures:Authors. N.p.. Web. 4 Mar 2013. <http://beautifulcreaturesauthors.com/awards/>. "She turned her head, and when I looked into her eyes, I noticed for the first time one was green, and one was hazel-actually, more like gold"(Garcia, Stohl 561). Lena's Uncle wanted her to be claimed for the light while her mom wanted her to go dark. This quote shows the Irony that while she has decided not to be claimed yet, both the light and the dark have a stake in her. "But Genevieve couldn't stop. She couldn't lose Ethan. She began to chant"(Garcia, Stohl 309). This flashback is used to show how Genevieve made a drastic decision, to perform dark magic that nobody ever wanted her to do. This also foreshadows that her great-great-great-great granddaughter Lena will make a similar choice based on what she wants and not what others want. "Seventeen moons, seventeen years, Eyes where Dark or Light appears, Gold for yes and green for no, Seventeen the last to know"(Garcia, Stohl 563). This cliffhanger signifies that deciding not to be claimed was not a formal decision. Lena will have to make a choice for what she wants eventually. "Two years, eight months, and counting. I had to get out of this town"(Garcia, Stohl 22). This Irony shows that while everyone else is happy and content to be living how they are in a small town, Ethan chooses to be different and wants to get out as soon as possible.
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