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Space Inquiries

No description

Jeffrey Yen

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Space Inquiries

Your Guest Speaker: Jeffrey!!! Space Inquiries Introduction and Overview Now, Why is Pluto now
called a "Dwarf Planet"? Seriously, but Why is Pluto now
called a "Dwarf Planet"? The Results after the Earth's Rotational Speed Increased and Decreased So what would happen if the Earth's Rotational Speed increased or decreased Almost DONE... -greetings and opening speech Well, I suppose everybody knows who Pluto is, am I correct??? Increased Research Inquiry Topics: -What would happen if the Earth's rotational speed increased or decreased? -Why is Pluto now called a "Dwarf Planet"? Shhhhhhh... Yeah... Perfect! And He just happens to be spinning right here! Poor little Pluto didn't have fun
being in the "Solar System Family" Here is Pluto's story... He was bullied and teased by his brothers and sisters who always told him that he was adopted Us, the caring humans soon noticed how lonely and sad Pluto felt, so we sent him to a "child care" name the "Dwarf Planets" Pluto was a intelligent boy and was very soon able to get along with his new friends and adapt to the fact that he wasn't an ordinary Planet anymore but a proud little "Dwarf Planet"! Woff Woff!!! There are actually many things that set "Dwarf Planets" apart from what we call "Ordinary Planets" and most people think of "Dwarf Planets" as "punier" planets, therefore being called "Dwarfs" But no, actually, the real and main difference is more scientific, comparing these "Dwarf Planets" Hypotheses: "What would happen if the Earth's rotational speed increased or decreased":
I think...
-adapt the new air pressure
-traveling convenience
-more days with <24 hours in a year : Earth spun faster
-less days with >24 hours in a year : Earth spun slower "Why is Pluto now called a Dwarf Planet":
I think...
-nickname for Pluto's Appearance
-Pluto has many different from other Planets in the Solar System, therefore classified as another type of Planet THE END! which is also what I thought... ;-| The answer is yes, but no... most scientist believe that the term "Dwarf Planet" defines a Planet that doesn't have a cleared orbital path while others recognize Dwarf Planets as celestial bodies that don't have enough mass and gravity to make itself orbit in a steady path around another object either way, there are many many many many controversies and debates over this topic even though the 2 shown previously are considered the most "popular" Hey That's Discrimination!!! Oh hey Jeffrey, I remember you... that's creepy!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Inquiry Question: Why is Pluto now called a "Dwarf Planet"? Answer: It is because Pluto doesn't meet many of the requirements to becoming an ordinary planet therefore classified as a "Dwarf Planet" Now let's have a visual of what Pluto is compared to ordinary planets... Hmmm... not quite an A+... No... COOL!!! I said COOL!!! Comparison as to size... Now that's probably better... Another comparison as to size... This is Pluto compared to other planets Pluto Comparison as to the Orbits... As you may have observed, Pluto's orbit is especially different than the other ordinary planets! How many times, Dude!!! Comparison between Pluto and his siblings... Okay... Even though that wasn't really necessary... we all still get the point that Pluto is different from his bros and sisses in terms of a lot of things... Time is also running and we have to get to the next inquiry topic quick, so let's quickly sum it up! Wait! Where is the guy
with the sun glasses??? Here! And let's make it clear for the
last time!!! We are COOL!!! Okay okay, chill... planet... COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Okay fellow classmates, let's continue Space-traveling! It will be the END OF THE WORLD!!! Mrs. Perez says, "Jeffrey, let's get serious please" Okay guys, sorry but that's what Mrs. Perez said Well, as you guys might know, the Earth is onto "a lot" of things right now. He has his schedule planned for "a lot" of things! So this means the change (of the Earth's rotational speed) will be equivalent to just a great alteration to "a lot" of things Let me just show you a few examples as to what our Earth is planning to do right now... Well, he does his workout around the sun every day! Works on his project with the moon as a routine... Feed us humans with the four seasons and weathers... And................................................................
Wait Wait Wait!!! Just a quick question! "Did everybody once go to Canada's Wonderland?" Remember this ride - The Swing Of The Century? It's because the Earth is also in charge of making rides fun (Centrifugal Force)! Not sure for the Leviathan though... I went on it, oh yeah!!! Anyways, let us get into the real stuff and list the things that would actually happen if the Earth's rotational speed increased or decreased... Decreased Note: If the following content contain repetitive phrase and please bare with Jeffrey... (by the way I was just joking about the ) 1. The length of the days First, talking about... if the rotational speed of the Earth... The reason is pretty obvious... It is because there would be less time for a spot of the Earth to get exposed to the sun or experience the night if the speed increased 2. The Days in a Year This is pretty much related to the time length of a day, because there are less hours in a day there would receptively be more days in a year if the revolution speed of the Earth around the sun stayed the same Further Notice: The following content contains serious text, so currently no funny jokes... 3. The Adaptation of Living Things on Earth Well of course, once the time changes, not only humans would have to adapt to the new environment but so do other animals (even though it is mainly the busy humans) His name is Earth btw With the "duties" of Earth mentioned , we probably have a fair understanding of what the Earth does, right? Violence Violence 4. Centrifugal Force (Main Component) "A "fake" force that acts outward on a rotating object at a center, often mis-concepted as another force named inertia." - Jeffrey Yen Also fighting against the "Centripetal Force" A real life application would be... HAMMER THORW!!! Better, Funnier, Easier for me! Not as interesting and harder for me! Please have your selection done now... Good Choice!!! Noooooooo!!! Dear Earth... :-o Demonstration... Better, Funnier, Easier for me! First, the big old Hypothesis... Okay... Repetitive Note: the following content may be repetitive, so please bear with me... (this is the signal! Mrs. Perez!!!) Secondly... Yay! Thanks Rescuing me Mrs. Perez! Anyways, I still think we should +sum+ it up now Inquiry Question: What would happen if the Earth's Rotational Speed Increased or Decreased Answer: Many things would happen/change if the Earth's Rotational Speed increased. Examples would be the days and years, which makes people having to adapt with the changes and the Centrifugal Force. The same thing would happen if the speed decreased at the same time BIBLIOGRAPHY!

Why is Pluto now called a Dwarf Planet

What would happen if the Earth' Rotational Speed Increased or Decreased
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_would_happen_if_the_earth_stopped_spinning First on stage is the long awaited... Fine... Take a Quick Glance! Then something else to check out after the presentation ;) Videos explaining the centrifugal force! Really Really Really cool stuff!!! Steve-Spangler Science!!! We'll leave that for you later... Well yeah that's pretty much it!!! Remember how I said there are 100 slides in this prezi... This is 99th One Hundred!!! Celebrate 100 slide prezi done!!! (98 actually...)
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