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No description

Morgan Jane

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Cinderella

Cinderella Mykaila, Morgan, Claire, Marina & Danika Establishment of Cinderella A Cinderella Story Cinderella The Story of the Black Cow Lin Lan Yeh-hsien Donkeyskin Cat Skin Versions of Cinderella Historical Context: Paris, France 1694 Historical Context: London 1890
Characters: Catskin, Catskin's father, hen-wife, cook, lord, lady
Catalyst: hints implying she lives in the kitchen (ex: broken ladle)
Magical Helper: hen-wife
Evil Figure: father, the cook
Aesthetic Elements: 3 coats --> silver cloth, beaten gold, feathers of all the birds of the air
Consolation: marriage to the young lord
Moral: virtue is always rewarded Historical Context: written in 850 A.D. in China

Catalyst: shoe
Magical Helper: a man with hair loose over shoulders and coarse clothes
Evil Figure: step-mother
Aesthetic Elements: cloak of stuff spun from kingfisher feathers and shoes of gold
Consolation: marriage to the king
Moral: virtue is always rewarded Historical Context: Himalayas 1906
Characters: a man and his son, a step-mother and her daughter, a black cow, a great snake and a princess
Catalyst: a gold hair
Magical Helper: talking cow that makes treats
Evil Figure: the step-mother
Aesthetic Element: child turned to gold, beautiful princess
Consolation: marriage of the son and the princess
Moral: virtue and friendship are rewarded Historical Context: Shanghai 1933
Characters: two sisters (Beauty and Pock Face), a step-mother, the yellow cow (Beauty's reincarnate mother), a scholar, an old woman
Catalyst: shoe
Magical Helper: the yellow cow
Evil Figure: step-mother and Pock Face
Aesthetic Element: names reflect appearance, magical dress and shoes
Consolation: marriage with scholar, evil characters die
Moral: virtue rewarded Brothers Grimm
Historical Context: Berlin, Dietrich in 1857
Characters: Cinderella, mother (biological), step-mother, two step-sisters, father, king, prince
Catalyst: Golden shoe
Magical Helper: Magical tree planted from the hazel bush and white doves
Evil Figure: Step-mother and two step-sisters
Aesthetic Element: Cinderella becomes beautiful and radiant, wearing a dress of gold and silver and slippers covered in gold
Consolation: Marriage to the Prince
Moral: Virtue is rewarded Recurring Characters Characters: Yeh-hsien, step-mother, magical man, fish, king of To-han Characters: Donkeyskin/Princess, Princess' father/The King, The Prince
Magical Helper: Fairy godmother
Evil Character: Other Kitchen Hands
Catalyst: Ring
Aesthetic Elements: Dress the colour of the sky, Dress the colour of the moon, Donkey skin, Ring
Consolation: Princess marries prince and Princess' father is cleansed of his incestuous love for his daughter and they are reunited.
Moral: It is better to struggle through a duty rather than neglect it
Virtue is always rewarded
Logic is no match for Love Yeh-hsien
The Princess in the Suit of Leather
Cinderella (Brothers Grimm)
The Story of the Black Cow
Lin Lan Common Elements -Catalyst
-Magical helper
-Evil figure
-"absent" parent
-Aesthetic element (beauty ideal)
-Consolation of marriage
-"Cinderella" character is mistreated by others
-Common moral
-Restoration tales -"Cinderella" character
-Wicked female character
-Romantic prospect of higher status
-Deceased parent figure Historical Context: Egyptian Folktale
Characters: The King, Juleidah, the servant girl, the Queen, the Prince
Catalyst: the prince's ring
Magical Helper: __________
Evil Figure: The King
Aesthetic Elements: Juleidah is the most beautiful girl at the ball
Consolation: marriage into a royal family
Moral: beauty and virtue are always rewarded The Princess in the Suit of Leather -Characters: Sam Montgomery ( Cinderella), Hal (dad), Fiona (step-mom), Brianna (step-sister), Gabriella (step-sister), Austin Ames (football captain/prince charming), Carter (Sam's best friend), Rhonda (friend from diner/fairy godmother)
-Catalyst: her cell phone
-Magical helpers: Her diner friends (especially Rhonda)
-Evil figure: her step-mother, two step-sisters, popular girls.
-Aesthetic element: Rhonda's wedding dress and the mask
-Consolation of marriage: she ends up with Austin and they go off to college together
-Common moral: virtue is always rewarded 2004
American teen romance directed by Mark Rosman Revision Elements:
-technology (cell phones, instant messaging)
-Strive to reach higher class status (botox, green lawn)
-High school setting Vs. Kingdom
-"Cinderella" has a lot more agency,
takes control: (from 0:20 - 1:25) -A good education and work ethic portrayed as more valuable than beauty for female characters
-"Cinderella" is able to gain access to her father's money through his will, instead of achieving economic success through marriage as seen in the UR-text
-Ball setting is changed to a masquerade school dance, ball gown is a Halloween costume: to fit the ball into modern times.
-The happily ever after aspect is changed from female getting married, to female pursuing higher education with her "prince" Modern Representations "If the shoe fits..." http://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/cinderella
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