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Sumi-e Paintings

No description

Kaitlyn Schneider

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Sumi-e Paintings

Sumi-e Paintings By: Kaitlyn Schneider what it is
how to make it
four gentleman
traditional/modern style
activity In this presentation... Emrich, Jeanne. "The Art of Sumi-e Painting." N.p., Nov. 1998. Web. <http://www.reedscontemporaryhaiga.com/Interview%20Susan%20Frame.htm>.
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Bibliography 墨絵 More expressed with less
Omit useless details
Color has a clear purpose and intention
Contrast,visual suggestion, and subtlety can exist in one composition
Balance, clarity, harmony, simplicity Lessons What is it? Japanese
Uses black ink
Sumi(black ink)E(picture)
Empty spaces
Monochromatic strokes
Extremely light gray to black
Red seal- placed when work is complete Philosophy achieved with less
omit the useless details
no going back
ink can't be erased
takes a lifetime to master
capture spirit started in China, known as shui-mo hua
evolved from earlier forms of art paintings
Korean Zen Buddhist monks-introduced during missionary visits
Muromachi Period-introduction of Sumi-e to Japan-when it was most popular How to Make Sumi-e Supplies :
suzuri(ink stone)
brush(fude) Traditional History Activity
Create your own sumi-e! Modern Supplies Cont.
sumi bar

rice paper(washi) Step 1:
prepare inkstone Step 2:
grind the Sumi ink Step 4:
release stroke on rice paper Step 3:
load the fude "Four Gentlemen" bamboo orchid blossom chrysanthemum What do you think? How are they different/similar?
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