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Science Prezi (chapter 17)

Key points on magnetism and electromagnetism

Joy Swanberg

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Science Prezi (chapter 17)

what is a magnetic field?
Electricity, Magnetism, and Motion
Electricity From Magnetism
Can motion produce electrical energy?
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
What is Magnetism?
Electromagnetic force
What are magnets?
What Is magnetism?
What are magnetic poles?
A wire coil with an electric current flowing through it creates a magnetic field.
This is a Science Prezi done
on Magnetism
and Electromagnetism.
By: Jac, Jacob, Jasjot, and Joy
Thank You for Watching!
How can an electric current be produced in a conductor?
What is Electromagnetic Induction?
*Please refrain from asking questions until the end of each slide, this will help us not to have many interruptions. We will ask at the end of each slide if anyone has any questions.
Induction of electric current
How does a Galvanometer work?
Alternating an direct current
What is a direct current?
What is an alternating current?
How does a generator work?
Slip Ring
What is a transformer?
An electric current produces a magnetic field.

What is a magnetic field produced by a current like?

What are the characteristics of solenoids and electromagnets?
A relationship between
electricity and magnetism is called

What are
A reagon around magnets material or a moving electric charge within with each the force of magnetism acts
When a wire with a current is placed in a magnetic field, electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy
An electric current turns the pointer of a galvanometer.
An electric motor transforms elctrical energy into mechanical energy
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