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Completing a Job Application

Designed for the College/Career Reserach Development class grades 10-12

Lesley Stroot

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Completing a Job Application

Completing the Job Application a written request for employment typically on a specific form provided by the potential employer. How is a job application used? What is a Job Application? How can I get an application? Email
In person (If you go to the business for the a job application be sure to dress in a pair of non-denim pants and a collared shirt). Benefits of completing a job application on site: Drawbacks of completing an application on site Must have all information present to be able to complete the application completely.
Do not have the opportunity to start over multiple times if a mistake is made.
The process becomes rushed. Benefits of completing a job application off-site Drawbacks to completing an application off-site A job application is used to:
To make a good impression with the employer.
To gather information about an individual’s qualifications.
To compare candidates to one another Application is less likely to be misplaced.
Questions can be asked immediately about the application.
The application can be returned in a more timely manner. All information is available to complete the application.
May take their time to ensure no mistakes are made.
Has more time to read over the application multiple times. Application is more likely to be misplaced.
Less convenient to return to the business to submit the application.
The process will take longer How can I prepare? Bring a black pen with you!
Create a personal fact sheet:
Date, days and hours you can work
School name and address
Previous employment information
Awards and accomplishments Job application MISTAKES Don’t follow directions (“Do not write below this line” “For Office use Only”)
Leave questions blank
Negative statements
Demands or not keeping options open.
Using abbreviations (N/A only abbreviation used)
Messy or illegible. Illegal Questions Age (can only ask if 18 and above)
Disability status
National origin
If you have been arrested (but you have to disclose conviction of felonies) Completing the Application Voicemail Greeting should be appropriate SSN – shouldn’t be on application.

Personal info should be up-to-date

Email address should be appropriate. Contact Information A number that is too low will not give a person what they deserve to be paid.

A number too high may cause an employer to not consider someone.

Always best to put “negotiable.” Salary and Wages If a person was fired, use neutral terminology
Involuntary separation

Discuss with a past employer the option of using the terminology “resigned” if the future employer called and asked about prior employment. Changing Jobs If a person quits, use neutral terminology
Voluntary separation

If a person was laid off for no fault of their own, give the reason why.
Lack of work, lack of funding, temporary or seasonal position. Changing Jobs Double check the application one last time for mistakes.
After the application is returned, an employer may request an individual to be tested for illegal substances. Turning in Your Application Double check the application one last time for mistakes.
After the application is returned, an employer may request an individual to be tested for illegal substances. Turning in Your Application Not being honest on a job application could cause the following:
Not getting the job
Being fired
Do a follow up phone call in three business days to inquire about any questions and to be sure the correct person received the application. Turning In Your Application Tips for Completing the Application Do NOT use abbreviations.
Do NOT leave anything blank.
Use N/A or use --- instead.
Make sure your information is up-to-date.
Make sure your phone numbers (personal, references, past employers) are correct.
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