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TRUE LIFE: im addicted to COFFEE

No description

maryed arrubla

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of TRUE LIFE: im addicted to COFFEE

Coffee Addiction Decreasing Coffee Consumption - I want to decrease my consumption of coffee because It has become a dependency and I'm beginning to notice the effects it can have on my body.
- I was born in Colombia which is in south America and just so happens to be the leading exporter of Coffee in the entire world
- unlike most people, my parents never found a problem in allowing me to drink coffee at a young age. They grew up drinking coffee so they saw no problem with it. There is never a day at my house where there isnt a a pot of coffee roasting.
- My addiction to coffee isnt entirely because of social factors but also because of social and psychological factors. My busy life really contributes to the habit. I go to school all day work all night and barely have any time to sleep. WEEK #2 BENEFITS AND DETRIMENTS:
- Coffee really helps me stay alert and focused. It
-The detriment is that when i don't drink it i begin to go through withdrawal symptoms. I get a headache and get really groggy and irritable.
-I have developed really bad acid reflux. My doctor advised me to stop drinking and eating as much acidic foods and things that can irritate my stomach because I was really damaging the lining of my esophagus. Coffee is definitely one of the things that I feel like irritates my stomach the most. I have already cut out most acidic foods and drinks from my diet. The only thing that I need to cut down on is coffee. When I do cut down on the coffee I feel like I can have somewhat of a normal digestive system. WEEK #3 My stress levels have always been very high. i tend to over think things a lot and my time management skills pretty much are non existent.
having a cup of coffee throughout the day was my time to relax. I barely have any time to do that, between work and 6 classes it has been very hard to relax. During my intervention my way of coping with the headaches and groggy and irritated feelings has been through Yoga and meditation.
I started going to more yoga classes at Easton Yoga and doing more yoga at home.. I wake up every morning and meditate and become a lot more alert and awake. after my morning meditation, i am usually ready to take on the day.
By week 3 my withdrawl symptoms were ALMOST gone. WEEK #4 Professional Services: During my intervention i went to my family doctor and talked with her about my "addiction" She told me again that coffee was a major reason my i developed acid reflux disease and was beginning to get ulcers in my stomach.
i thought to myself, at 21 years of age it shouldn't be like this for my body, id be more accepting of the doctor telling me that Vodka is ruining the lining of my esophagus than COFFEE!!!
The doctor prescribed me some medication for my acid reflux and told me to drink decaffeinated tea in the morning instead of coffee.
Easton Yoga has also helped me a lot through my intervention as well as going to the gym. PASS OR FAIL? When my doctor told me that if i didn't start taking care of my body and stop drinking acidic things like coffee that i could develop precancerous cells in my esophagus, that was shocking to me. I didn't want to have horrible ulcers and gastritis and acid reflux disease for the rest of my life. Stopping my coffee habits had to happen.
if it wasn't for this intervention i would've probably not have stopped drinking coffee or gone to the doctor or started taking care of my body at all for that matter.
Now that i know the consequences, this intervention has really helped and bettered my daily routine a lot more.
- I wake up in the morning and Meditate for a good 15-20 minutes, then i laty out my yoga mat and do yoga for about a half an hour. my breakfast usually is just a homemade fruit smoothie or a decaffeinated tea and some toast.
after that, i am very energized and i realized i don't even need the coffee to keep me going throughout the day.
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