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Book Sells: Pretty Little Liars

No description

Mishti Tomar

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Book Sells: Pretty Little Liars

Who is A and will their secrets be safe?
5 young girls, Alison, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna all are best friends. They are all beautiful and the idols of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. With their rich backgrounds and stellar status, who can't love them? But what these people don't know is that they have their own ugly little secrets that only Alison knows , and once their Alison goes missing and her body is found dead, they believe their secrets are safe forever, until a mysterious person named
starts sending them threats that could spill their long kept secrets.
I would not recommend this book to most readers. It's unrealistic and over-the-top. If you enjoy a heaping amount of drama, this could be your book, but in my opinion, it's not a great read. Most books draw you in and pull you out, giving a sense of feelings and emotions, this book didn't. It felt very dull and senseless. It states the book as "mystery", but there was a large amount of romance instead, which I wasn't looking mainly for. The genre may be realistic fiction, but it isn't quite realistic to me. What the girls did in this book was so overly dramatic, no other normal 6-10th grader would do.
The Protagonists
In this specific story there are 4 protagonists, (From left-right): Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hannah. In addition to Alison, who was the best friends of the girls until Ali passed away. She is still a major protagonist although of her absence.
Pretty Little Liars is a mystery/drama book. The biggest mystery is finding out who
is, and who killed Alison. If A spills all of their secrets, humiliation can be brought among all of the girls. There is also a LOT of drama in this book, there is constant fear among them and friendship complications because of the mistakes made in the past, and the further mistakes they'll make in the future.
By: Mishti Tomar
Book Sells: Pretty Little Liars
The Setting
The setting of this story takes place in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. It's a town of the rich and wealthy, with astonishing homes and large accomidations, it's the perfect place for these 4 pampered imperfect princesses. It has a group of private schools called the "Rosewood Schools". They are known for their stellar academics, and fascinating high school parties. They have their cold, stinging winters, and warm, beautiful summers as Pennsylvania always has.
The Conflict
The main conflict of this story is the ongoing troubles and aftermath of Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Emily's best friend Alisons disappearance and later presumed death in middle school. After the disappearance of Alison, the girls were uneasy, and were constantly fearful, but after a while they seemed normal, forgetting about Alison. But, troubles soon stir up again as a mysterious person named, "A" texts the girls and threatens to unleash their well kept secrets that were with Alison. But how would this "A" girl know? They told their personal struggles to Alison, who is A? And how will they stop the chaos that'll soon come after their dirty secrets will be unleashed?
The theme for this book isn't techincally a motiviational line, but it's "Be careful with secrets." or, "Be careful with who you trust." It makes the most sense because each of these girls have a terrible secret to hide: Aria is having an affair with a school staff member, Spencer is falling for her older sisters boyfriend, Emily has feelings for her next door neighbor Maya, even though she knows they disprove because of her, and Hannah's ex keeps making her feel bad about herself, and her new feelings are with another guy, who isn't really popular with anyone. They thought that these secrets could be kept forever since the only one that truly knew was Alison and now that's she gone, but a new anonymous texter "A" will do anything to spill these secrets even though no one is sure how she knows. It teaches that if you have a secret that is dangerous, either don't tell it or tell the right person, because it can fall in the wrong hands and ultimately humilate you.
Thanks For Watching!
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