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High-Stakes Testing Infographic

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sharon lee

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of High-Stakes Testing Infographic

High Stakes Test in Virginia:

Standards of Learning (SOL)
History/Social Science
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Health/Physical Education
Driver Education
What makes the tests high stakes?
A high stake test can be described as having important consequences. Some of the consequences for performing poorly on Virginia SOL include:

Remediation Programs
Summer School
Denial of a high school diploma
Repetition of a grade
Accreditation Ratings
Restructuring a school's governance
Instructional programs
Staff or student population adjustment
What are the legal and ethical implications for teachers administering these tests?
There are some precaution teachers must take to ensure that theses test are being administered legally, as well as ethically. A few of these precaution include:

Having an appropriate testing environment that limits distractions.
Organize and return all test materials to the School Testing Coordinator
Proctor test effectively
Do not leave students alone while prepping for a test or during
Do not change students responses
Proper accommodations are provided as needed
Properly secure all testing materials at all times
What ethical challenges do teachers face in preparing students for these tests?
There are some ethical problems teacher are faced with before testing day. Some of the ethical problems that teachers are faced with while prepping students for a test include:

Teaching the test
Coaching students thru the answers prior to testing
Allowing the use of unauthorized sources during testing
Parent proctors
Sharon Lee
EDU 315
July 7, 2014
Janis Wiley

High-Stakes Testing Infographic
Standards of learning (sol) & testing. (n.d.). Retrieved
from http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/

Testing in Virginia: An overview. (n.d.). Retrieved from
("Standards of learning," n.d. )
Should teachers teach to the test? Explain your reasoning.
I have always felt that teachers should not teach the test, as this is not a true indication of what students have truely learned. Teaching the test can give a student the instant gratification of getting a great score, but later down the road can cause a student to struggle because they do not remember what they where taught.
("Testing in Virginia:," n.d. )
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