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Social Media for Non-Profits & Small Businesses

Social Media Basics

Teddy Burriss

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Social Media for Non-Profits & Small Businesses

Social Media for Small Business & Non-Profits Consider myself - A Proven Authority of Social Media Course Outline A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value (mutual benefits)

Social Media is not a platform to sell to people (PERIOD)!

My Opinion is that Social Media is all about creating relationships thru sharing of useful information & ideas.

It's a People - People interaction tool that can benefit businesses when used properly What is Social Media? 10 Keys to Success for Businesses adopting a Social Media Program #1 - Pay Attention #2 - Be Transparent #3 - Be consistant with your message #4 - Be Passionate about your message #5 - Participate - Don't just make noise #6 - Set a pace and stick to it (Momentum) #7 - Do not work in a vacuum or silo #8 - Coordinate with others in your org #9 - Watch what is happening (Monitor) #10 - Set Goals and measure if you are meeting them Define Social Media
Look at Keys for success
Look at a list of Primary Social Media Channels
Why care about Social Media?
Prioritizing Social Media Activities (basic view)
Steps to get involved (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog)
Define Key areas of involvement (LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Youtube, Blog)

Ask questions along the way Pay attention, be transparent, consistant,
Passionate, Participate, Keep Going,
get others Involved, Coordinate, Monitor,
set & review Goals
BE OUT THERE - Don't be afraid, Learn, Test, Ask questions Why Care about Social Media? Prioritizing Your Social Media Involvement I recommend something over nothing Business - Business
Linkedin - all company representatives
Share useful resource info via Blogs
Publish videos on Youtube
Twitter - company & primary reps
Facebook - Individual & Company/Org Business - Consumer
Linkedin - all company representatives
Facebook - Individual & Company/Org
Share useful resource info via Blogs
Publish videos on Youtube
Twitter - company & primary reps Facebook individual page
Connect with people who you know and know you
Share interesting information and interact with others
Promote yourself as an authority in your industry
Facebook Business page
Share good useful information in your profile
Share fun, relevant pictures on your profile
Suggest your Page to your Friends
Share useful industry and relevant information
LinkedIn Profile
Connect to & Monitor your employee profiles periodically
Interact with others thru groups and discussions
Connect to peers, community, industry, competitors (yeah)
Blog Posts
Good Profile info & about page (fresh)
Study other blogs (words, pics, short, relevant)
Good Profile
Short relevant, value prop videos
Twitter Profile
Solid, fresh Profile
Share links to industry & relevant information via Twitter
Follow relevant people or businesses & Retweet useful information Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile
Build your profile
Contribute, Collaborate, Connect, Cram
Fine Tune
Schedule Time everyday to use LinkedIn
Let's Go Look Setting up a Facebook Profile
Build your profile
Make connections
Build a Facebook Business Page
Schedule time everyday to use FB for business
Let's Go Look Setting up a Twitter Profile
Create a Profile
Make connections
Begin Tweeting good info & links
Schedule time everyday to use Twitter for business
Let's Go Look My Prezi.com Presentation!! Socialnomics - By Erik Qualman | 8/16/2011 Setting up a YouTube Channel
Create a Profile
Upload your first video
Test Sharing your videos Setup a Blog
Easiest way - wordpress.com (other options are good too)
Pick a good name
Play with Dashboard,Tools & Settings
Write your first blog
Share it Get Help
Don't think you have to do this alone
Lots of resources available - including TLBurriss
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/help
LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/answers
Twitter - http://support.twitter.com/
YouTube - http://www.google.com/support/youtube/
Wordpress - http://en.support.wordpress.com/ Questions??? Experiment - but Pay Attention

Have fun - Create Relationships & revenue Opportunities New Thought (?) who are you? Social Media Stats
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