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Archaeology 2.0

Brian Dolan - Archaeology 2.0: Communicating, Researching and Promoting Heritage on the Net - A presentation about archaeology and the internet in Ireland as well as a little about my personal blog www.seandalaiocht.com

Brian Dolan

on 26 August 2010

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Transcript of Archaeology 2.0

2. Archaeology The future the blog archaeology on the Net Communicating, researching and promoting heritage on the net. Me Why? What? How? Procrastination Personal Interest Lack of other blogs Self-promotion Online Databases searchable pdfs Mapping and Aerial Photography geospatial data http://www.seandalaiocht.com http://www.briandolan.net The Audience sub-sites events publications links Mobile App Geospatial Audio networking Teaching Thanks to.. Dundalk Museum
UCD School of Archaeology
UCD Humanitites Institute of Ireland
National University of Ireland
Irish Research Council for the Humanitites and Social Sciences
Open Data Business communication http://www.tat2009.com Innovation interaction dissemination Research Seandalaiocht Video Interviews Guest bloggers Podcast 3,815 visitors since 23rd May 2009 6,025 visits 4,106 Irish Visits 2,659 visits came from Google 1,090 came direct The rest came from 186 different sources 'Seandalaiocht' and 'Archaeology Jobs Ireland' the top search terms Commercial Academic Personal Government Archaeologist
Doctoral Researcher in UCD
http://ucd-ie.academia.edu/BrianDolan http://rms.ucd.ie/ufrs/W_RMS_CV_SHOW.SHOW_HOME?p_object_id=89904633 http://www.seandalaiocht.com/ frustration http://www.weebly.com http://vimeo.com/seandalaiocht http://www.flickr.com/photos/seandalaiocht http://www.facebook.com/seandalaiocht http://www.youtube.com/seandalaiochtblog http://twitter.com/seandalaiocht http://twitter.com/archeventsirl http://www.seandalaiocht.com/events.html http://smelt.seandalaiocht.com/ http://www.seandalaiocht.com/links.html video Images http://www.seandalaiocht.com/images.html http://www.seandalaiocht.com/video.html http://www.seandalaiocht.com/1/post/2010/03/naked-smelting-with-naked-archaeology.html Online Books and Journals Blogs Podcasts Journals Books Websites Video Accessibility Promotion web 2.0 genesis Societies Grey Literature Archaeologists The Public
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