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Fabulous Fads and Foods of the 80's

No description

Roblivunter McDoHam

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Fabulous Fads and Foods of the 80's

By Olivia and Robin Fabulous Fads and Foods of the 80's Food Trends The 80's was full of hardcore dieting, fun candy, interesting food fads, and lots of Tab soda. The Scarsdale Diet Yes, you can lose 20 pounds per week.
Yes, you will most likely starve.
Worth it? Mehh. Food Fads -Vertical food
-Small plates
-Raspberry vinaigrette
-Asian fusion
-Blackened everything! Candy Marketing It wasn't enough for candy to taste good, it had to be fun to eat. -Fun Dip
-Pixie Stix
-Pop Rocks
-Candy cigarettes
-Candy necklaces FASHION The good, the bad, and the UGLY Shoulder pads Mini Skirts Leg warmers Huge Earrings Fingerless gloves Parachute pants Members Only Jackets UNITS Stretch-Stirrup pants Oversized tops
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