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Education, Science,& Religion in the 1920's

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paige cleary

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Education, Science,& Religion in the 1920's

1920's Fun Facts
Raggedy Ann Dolls were first introduced at this time.
The primitive models of the TV were first invented.
First "Band-Aid" was invented.
High School Movement
Secondary schools began sprouting up across the US
Students mainly acquired skills for life rather than college
By 1940, 73% of American youth were enrolled in high school because of the effect this had
Free and generally accessible.

Science in the 1920's
Began to focus more on the evolution controversy
Rapid growth of technological innovations
Thousands of new patents claimed by inventors
Radio became widespread
focused back to their roots rather than on modern society
literal interpretation of The Bible
shunned things such as teaching evolution
supported prohibition
lost support after receiving attention during Scopes trial
Education, Science,& Religion in the 1920's
By Renee Brenniesen, Paige Cleary, Chris Cronin, & Gina Guerrucci
Scopes Trial
State of Tennessee V. John Thomas Scopes
1925: substitute teacher accused of violating state's Butler Act
unlawful to teach human evolution in any school
Essentially a theological contest and trial regarding the evolution controversy in public schools.
High schools required students to attend school until they graduated.
Doubled the amount of high school graduates
Continued for generations and into present day.
What Fundamentalists believed in
direct and strict interpretation of the Bible
did not believe in evolution or the thought of teaching it to America's youth
lived a conservative way of life
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