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Gun Violence

No description

Sean Heinemann

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Gun Violence

Gun Violence
Chicago: More than 60 shot July 4 weekend in latest gun violence
On the July 4th weekend in 2014, nine citizens died and fifty three more were injured because of gun violence. The act of gun violence tore through the city and caused so much havoc, that from late Thursday to Sunday, authorities were still processing and handling the crime as best as they could. A total of fifty shooting incidents occurred, leaving nine dead and fifty three inured. A local paper, The Chicago Tribune, reported that fourteen people were killed and eighty two were shot. Amidst the havoc, police superintendent Gary McCarthy stated that death rates had gone down since 2014. In 2013, a total of 196 people had been killed, and only 185 were killed in 2014. in three of five shooting incidents, the victims were aiming firearms at police, issuing threats of further violence. A ruling majority of the victims were black and hispanic males in the lower-class levels of the city. Earlier in the year, the city of Chicago made a choice to have an extra three hundred police officers patrolling the city to cease violence during the holiday weekend.
First degree Murder
Using firearms is an attempt at murder. Killing someone with a gun IS first degree murder. The elements of first degree murder are as follows:
intent - having or understanding the knowledge and act of you committing a crime that classifies as first degree murder

deliberation and premeditation - acting and committing on the behalf of your intent to go through with murder

"malice afterthought" - the possession of the thought of an evil disposition or purpose to willfully end the life of another human
How this breaks the law
Using a gun or other type of restricted weapon to cause bodily harm on another goes against Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.

The Criminal Law was broken because a public citizen caused themselves to become a public threat and put many lives in danger.

Constitutional Law was broken because the officers trying to stop the shooters would shoot people who "held up a gun in self defense", which goes against what they are taught to do in a situation such as the shootings.

But in a mass attack where many people have a gun, and are aiming it at an officer, does the officer have the right to shoot the person down if they feel they could become a serious threat?
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