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Copy of Heroku

No description

saeedeh mehri

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Heroku

Cloud Application Platform Heroku What is Heroku? Heroku Pricing in Heroku Dynos
Web Dynos - cost $0.05/hour
Worker Dynos - cost $0.05/hour
Add-ons Heroku is a polyglot cloud application platform. Write apps in the programming language of your choice

Use add-on resources such as SQL and NoSQL databases, Memcached, and many others. Heroku :Manage Your Application You manage your app using the Heroku command-line tool
You deploy code using the Git revision control system
all running on the Heroku infrastructure. Forget Servers Run Anything See Everything Trust & Manage Get up and running in minutes, and deploy instantly with git.
Focus 100% on your code, and never think about servers, instances, or VMs again. Run and scale any type of app.

Run any web or background process with any web framework or worker type. Get direct, granular control over your app's workloads.

Scale distributed processes effortlessly with a single command. Easily scale to millions of users. Total visibility across your entire app.

View consolidated, real-time logging and status from every component of your app and from Heroku itself as it deploys your app, manages your processes, and routes traffic.
Heroku takes full responsibility for your app's health, keeping it up and running through thick and thin, while you manage and command your app with a full set of control surface APIs. Heroku is one of the Best platform
apps running right now Deploy and Scale Powerful Apps Build Operate Deploy
Command Observe
Relax Thank you!
Enjoy with Heroku
www.heroku.com Deploy and Scale Powerful Apps Saeedeh Mehri
Sharif University of Technology - PDL A web dyno runs your code and responds to HTTP requests. More dynos provide more concurrency.

Crank your web dynos to increase HTTP performance. A worker dyno executes background jobs, typically running your code and processing jobs from a queue. More dynos provide more capacity.

Crank your worker dynos to empty the queue faster Worker Dnoy Web Dnoy Database Production databases are suitable for important production applications with an expected uptime of
All plans have a 1TB database max.
Features include continuous protection, automatic health checks, fork, follow, direct psql access, data clips, and more. 1.Deploy Instant Deployment

Deploying an app is simple and easy. No special tools needed, just a plain git push. Deployment is instant, whether your app is big or small.

Continuous Deployment
Easily create testing, staging, and production versions of your app and deploy to and between them instantly. 2. Connect Add-on Resources
Instantly provision and integrate third party services with one click. Heroku's large catalog of third party add-on services is constantly growing, and includes services like databases, caching, monitoring, performance management, email, transcoding, search, billing, and many more. 3. Command Control Surfaces API
Deployment and Release Management
Add-ons and Config Vars
Scaling & Process Management
Logging and Visibility 4.Observe Total Visibility
Full Logging
Process Status
Extensible 5. Scale Scaling
Process Types
Routing 6. Relax Relax
Once you've pushed code and scaled your dynos, Heroku takes full responsibility for your app's health. Entrust the dyno manifold to ensure your app is running the right number of healthy dynos at all times.
Isolation Deploy Facebook App on Heroku 1. Fetch your app’s source code $ git clone git@heroku.com:furious-robot-218.git -o heroku 2. Make a change $ git commit -am "changed greeting" 3. Deploy to Heroku $ git push heroku Edit Your App
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