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Conventions Found in the Dystopian Genre

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Josh Larock

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Conventions Found in the Dystopian Genre

Conventions Found in the Dystopian Genre
Strict Division of Citizens
In all three of these dystopian texts, citizens are strictly divided.
War/Disaster that Led to Current State
In all of these texts, There was a war or disaster that led to the state in which the story takes place.
Betrayal, strict division of citizens , and disaster/war are just a few conventions that most texts in the dystopian genre share.

Dystopian texts have been around since the 18th century but it has become more common within the last 15 years.

By: Josh Larock
Ms. Cantrell

The purpose of this presentation is to compare the conventions of different dystopian texts and show the different conventions they share.
The conventions they have in common are: betrayal, strict division of citizens, and disaster that has led to present state
The texts being compared are
The Hunger Games, The Chrysalids,
The 100.
Betrayal in
The Hunger Games
Betrayal in
The Chrysalids
Betrayal in
The 100
Petta betrays his "Allies" to save Katniss.
Anne betrays the other members of the group
The 100 betray the people on The Arc
As you can see, betrayal is a common theme within these three dystopian texts.
The Hunger Games
Citizens are divided by 12 different districts that are all controlled by The Capitol
The Chrysalids
People with mutations are sent to The Fringes
The 100
The Hunger Games
The Chrysalids
The 100
According to this video shown at the reaping, there was a war that led to the Hunger Games era.
" the wonderful world that the Old People had lived in; as it had been before God sent Tribulation " David, Chapter 1
Tribulation is what they call the disaster that wiped out the "Old People" and led to the world they live in now.
A nuclear war made the earth inhabitable.
Man kind has spent the last 97 years on "The Arc".
On the Arc, the working class is extremely separated from the leaders
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