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Musical Theatre: An Introduction

No description

Erik D'Esterre

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Musical Theatre: An Introduction

Musical Theatre: An Introduction musical (noun): a stage, television, or film production utilizing popular-style - dialoge optional - to either tell a story (book musicals) or showcase the talents of the writers and/or performers (revues) The best musicals have three essential qualities... brains - intelligence and style Heart - genuine and believable emotion Courage - the guts to do something creative and exciting Are Musicals descended from Opera? A.) Yes B.) No C.) No Clue B.) No
Contemporary musical theatre and film are not direct descendants of the Opera Opera -Dates back to the 1500's -Descendant of Classical Theatre -Renaissance writers/composers resurrected Greek drama and added music, thus leading to the birth of Opera Musical -Dates back to the 1800's -Originally, musicals often spoofed Operas -Lineage traces to other sources such as vaudeville and burlesque Of course, the melodies of the Opera were part of the popular musical culture of the 1800's and early 1900's and therefore had some residual effect on the musical theatre melodies of that time Irony of Opera and Musical Theatre! Key Elements of a Musical: -Score
-Production Team
-Creative Team Score Songs written for or included in the music book Book Song Types -Ballads
-Comedy Numbers
-Musical Scenes -I am
-I want Song Placement -The Opening Number
-The Main "I want" song
-The Eleven O'Clock Number
-The Finale

-Reprise The Decades
1866 - First American Musical - THE BLACK CROOK 1900 - 42nd street - New York City

Reigns as world's entertainment capital 1930's Anything Goes
Porgy and Bess 1940's Oklahoma! South Pacific Kiss Me, Kate 1950's West Side Story My Fair Lady Guys and Dolls
1960's The Fantastiks Fiddler on the Roof 1970's Pippin A Chorus Line 1980's Cats Les Miserables Phantom of the Opera 1990's Beauty and the Beast The Lion King RENT
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