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Generation Y

No description

Ally McDonald

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Generation Y

Engaging Generation Y
Who is Generation Y
1980's 2000's birth
Generation Z...
They dont call themselves that...
After tribes...
11,000 engaged
Higher scores

Comms - how to target

Peer to peer - best way
Social Media - connecting with youth
Facebook and twitter...

If you want to engage with a specific group...
Learn what they think and do

Use thier peers - they know best!
Loughborough Students Union
Before Tribes...
9000 engaged, top 5 union, doing well...

What was the tribes...
Need, Want and Do!
Loughborough Students' Union Tribes
The main ones...
Twitter : I am eating a #doughnut #treat

Facebook : I like doughnuts

Instagram : Here's a vintage photo of my doughnut

Blogger: here is a blog about my liftime obbsession with doughnuts
YouTube: Watch me eating a doughnut

LinkedIn: My skills include doughnut eating

Pintrest: Here is how to make a doughnut

Snapchat: Check out my doughnuts

Yikyak: i stole my flatmates doughnut
Overtaken porn as the no 1 activity on the web

If facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world

Fasting growing demographic is 55-65

50% facebook traffic is mobile
Plan how your work can use it...

What do we do?
Wechat/Peach/Anchor/Kik/Yeti... whats next!
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