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Jefferson Middle

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of jasminecollins

Rosa parks how do you feel getting arrested and giving freedom to african americans? Rosa Parks was born on February fourth, 1913 her home town was Tuskegee, Alabama.Rosa was a good and nice friend. On the bus Rosa was in Alabama on a bus and refused to give up her seat to someone else. She caused a scene and went to jail. the city had no choice but to put her into jail. the city had no choice but to put her in jail. What she learned over the years What people said and what she say What she thought it was like in her head In Jail Rosa parks received many accounts in jail. Rosa was most of the was sick. At the time she was arrested she had no idea it would turn into this significant deal. Rosa had leaned over the years that when one mid it made up knowing what must must be done does with fear. People say she didnt give up her seat because she was tiered. Rosa say each person must live their lives for a model for others like she did for me Rosa parks thought it was a white and black world. But that all changed but that all changed when she made freedom on the bus I would like people to remember Rosa Parks as a person that wanted to be free so others can be free that is why i picked Rosa Parks. http://www.rosaparksfacts.com/images/civil-rights/Rosa-Parks-Being-Booked.jpg
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