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Tips for creating prezi presentations

A prezi that uses some tips from wikiman.org

Ryan Burke

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Tips for creating prezi presentations

…but still employ at least one extreme change of scale…
Tips for creating

Create your structure first, fill in the details afterward.
Make your sections bigger than you think you need to
Reign in your ambition!
Achieve uniformity of style by using ‘copy’ then ‘paste’.
Use frames
Larger images are better.
Use a theme
The Prezi canvas is unlimited in size
Everything looks the same size when zoomed in on
New Prezis suffer from the giddy excitement that comes from exploring a new medium.
Consider if you really need to have that bit where the whole thing turns upside down and then on its side – if it serves as some kind of visual metaphor then great, but if it doesn’t then keep things on an even keel.
Epic scale changes are awesome!
Select and right-click is your friend
Less is more
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