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Access and Equity - Figueroa's Framework

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Jayden Torrisi

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Access and Equity - Figueroa's Framework

Figueroa’s Framework is a tool used to investigate the issues surrounding access, equality and equity in sport and physical activity. It is split up into 5 separate levels; Individual, Interpersonal, Institutional, Structural and Cultural, starting off with ‘Big Picture’ of society (Cultural Level) and working down to the individual (Individual Level). Each level within the framework connect with the others to shape the overall joint effect. They show the different functions that reinforce, create, remove and eliminate barriers in sport and physical activity. The barriers cannot then be eliminated by simply acting on the individual level for example but instead, all the levels need to work cooperatively and effectively to overcome these barriers. Therefore, to increase the amount of students who participate in touch at Gilroy Santa Maria College, it will have to undergo a rigorous examination using the 5 levels of Figueroa’s Framework to find a solution for the sports coordinator to increase the numbers.
Cultural Level
The cultural level is concerned with shared assumptions, beliefs and values about issues such as gender or race and socioeconomic status and how these issues might affect access and equity to exercise, sport and physical activity
Cultural Level : Barriers
*Stereotype that touch is a male dominant sport, therefore females show less interest
Structural level

The structural level of Figueroa’s framework examines inequalities within society on a much larger scale

Structural level :
* Does not provide development programs and marketing for the sport of touch football.
Institutional Level
Access and Equity - Figueroa's Framework
By Nicholas Bonassi & Jayden Torrisi

Cultural Level : Recommendations
* To reach out to the parents and teach them about the sport of touch football

Structural Level :
Institutional Level: Barriers
Institutional Level : Recommendations
Interpersonal Level
Interpersonal Level:
Interpersonal Level:
Individual Level
Individual Level:
Individual Level:

The institutional level examines laws, patterns or rules within different agencies.

The interpersonal level is concerned with our interactions with others, our relationships with peers and others, as well as our patterns of influence and how these might affect access and equity to exercise, sport and physical activity

The individual level is involved with our own attitudes, values and beliefs, particularly those related to stereotypes and prejudices
*Lack of encouragement for females to create a team
* Inghams Heritage is Italian, therefore there is a strong influence to play football over touch football.
* No Australia-Wide televised competition
* does not offer anything to promote to the younger community.

* To invite development groups and coaching clinics to Gilroy Santa Maria College.
*Touch football isn't a well known sport at Gilroy.
* Not widely advertised like other sports.
*No teams to represent touch football annually like other sports at the school.
*Advertise the sport throughout the school and create teams that compete annually at Gilroy Santa Maria College.

*To invite professional and successful touch athletes to the school.

* To preach to students that touch doesn't matter what size or fitness level you're at that they can still play.

* Athletes that have excelled, aren't known to the wider community outside of the touch community
* There are no aspirational athletes that inspire people to play because they aren’t known.

* Lack of fitness will prohibit all genders from participating.
* Touch football on an individual level does not appeal to particular students.

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